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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

T stands for washi Tape...

GoodMoorrrnninngg... fellow T partierssss!!!! Well maybe its later for some of us.. lol I just haven't been on my game lately to get a post up earlier.. I have started to help an older lady at the Retirement Center where hubby works part time.. and i go every Monday but that leaves me with little energy when i get home to put a post together... So Tuesday morning i sit with my coffee and join the party.. Above is my collection of washi tape! I don't have very many... although i would love to have more.. But its one of those things that i love to look at and collect but i seldom USE it..  I haven't bought one of the big sets... I buy them one by one.. Have you seen the really skinny ones?? I'd love to have some of them..or maybe ones with keys or musical notes or... feathers! or or or... see all these washi wishes.... lol I'm having so much fun looking at your collections! 

I KNOW many of us are not ready... but Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays.. I hope you'll forgive me if i get This is my very first attempt at a stretch bracelet... Through a YouTube video i learned how to make a 'surgical knot' to tie it securely.. fingers crossed it stays together.. I added a bit of clear glue on the knot.. The skulls are made of stone and then the three wood beads.. All i can say is i'm very proud that it fits!! lol 

Using a recycled photo for the Tparty.. In actuality i'am sitting here using the same mug but with coffee.. :)  I'll be around to visit.. even if i'm a little bit late..Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

T stands for Florence....

Good T Tuesday Morning to ya... Did you have a wonderful week since we last met for T?  I hope so.. Are your eyes on Hurricane Florence like mine are?? And i don't even live anywhere near the East coast.. I haven't watched the weather channel this morning but last i saw she was a Cat 4 already... and barreling toward the NC/SC/VA coast... If anyone lives in those areas please stay safe. I'll be thinking about you... 

Its been a very busy week so not much to show and tell.. I still adore these butterflies and they are so simple that i have memorized the steps and i just make a few and leave them here and there for people to find..I like to think they bring a smile.. I made a teeny tiny one and gave to a lady at the Retirement Center where hubby works parttime and she put it in a pill bottle and carries it around with her.. :)    

The coffee cup is an old one i've had for awhile.. I'm sure you've seen it before.. I love to bake with Ghiradelli  chocolate do you? ..And baking season is almost upon us...   In CA we had the opportunity to go to a shop of theirs. Yum! 

I may be a little late and sporadic with my visits but i'll be there!! Big T Day Hugs!! deb 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

a sTroll down memory lane.......

GoodMorning !!!!  A little late to the Party!! I hope you can still squeeze me in........  Since i was running a little late i could have waited until next week !  Above and in the header is the finished painting!  And below is the original line drawing colored in color pencil.. You can see some of the changes i made for the painting. The one that stands out the most i guess is the roses over the arch.. 

The one thing i've heard over and over when i showed a few people the finished painting was how the photos i shared of the progress really did it no justice.. Its much nicer in person and the satin clear coat i sprayed on it  really brought the colors out..  Remember i used craft paint to paint this.. mostly Americana brand.. the pen is a Faber Castell Pitt Pen known for writing over all most anything and superior lightfastness.. I wish i could show it to you in person.  Only time will tell how well that craft paint will hold up.. It will hang on the wall not in direct sunlight.. so cross your fingers!! It only took me 6 years from start to finish.. lol   oh and two moves and home remodel... and lots of procrastination 

Since your here..... and i have the book open... how about  a little sTroll through my drawings.. If you are new to my blog you may not have seen these and really i just had alot of fun looking back thru them again..  It inspires me to do more.. These are all drawings that made it to good paper and not the lined sketch book... I used Prismacolor pencils and that Pitt Pen.. 

Did you enjoy that?? I hope so! I hope to turn more of my drawings into paintings. I think it will be fun.... I hope each one will NOT take me 6 years to I'm very proud of finishing that painting... I worked thru alot of fears everytime i sat down to work on it.. So it stands for alot more than just its artistic value.. Well my Tpartiers i'll be around to visit.. I know i'm running late but i'm so happy if you managed to stop by! Hugs! deb

Monday, August 27, 2018

procrasTination is alive and well........

..........finishing up Hubby's painting.... incredibly close to calling it DONE!  Used the Pitt Pen to 'draw' the hinges in and now i think they need to be painted in instead.. so will do that then sign and clear coat!! Hubs bday the end of this week!!! Can i cut it close or can i cut it close... ? As you can see below ... the procrasTination was in full swing... I got SO much done while waiting for a courageous moment to put the hinges on the door in the painting.. lol 

Do you remember these from a while ago?? Well they sat like that in the above pic for far too long.... You can see in the header how i finished them off

I really like how they turned out and it was remarkably easy to do and came together rather quickly once i started.. I think i would definitely make more flower pens if i knew what to do with them once i made them... they are an old craft thats been around for awhile .. I'm not even sure if people like them anymore... I'm usually late getting around to the crafty 'trends'... lol 

Here's where they live on my rolltop desk next to one of my favorite pictures of hubby... We were hiking in the Guadalupe Mtns and stopped to take a break... how time flies.... seems like a lifetime ago now.. 

.....procrasTination even helped me here..... This is where i left you...with this project.... 

Well it is a done deal! All DONE...

Here is where it lives in my house.. I live in a split level house if you remember... Walk in the front door and you can go either up or down.. Well this is the upper 'ledge'... thats my rolltop desk and i just put these along the side of the desk... when you come in the front door they are at eye level.. I like it!!! Remember the wall is painted blue at the entrance.. Goes together nice!  These were originally bought to be post toppers on my porch in TX ... but we have nothing like that to put them on now so now they are purely decoration.. I was going to set them outside the front door for porch decoration but i didn't want them to get messed Thats what happens when you fall in love with what you've made.. 

Click to enlarge to see web

Little signs of Fall are all around if you look hard enough.. and you know me i'm LOOKIN' ... lol   Lots more cobwebs... the Maple trees are starting to turn colors... misty , foggy mornings.. I think the hummers have begun to leave.. Love to know if your hummers have begun to leave... fewer squirrels and birds at the feeders.. they are off eating and collecting  Mother Nature's bounty.. It may be 90 F degrees today but Fall is around the corner.. 

This past weekend i had another boat ride on Beaver Lake.. Enjoyed it so much.. Stopped at a Marina and ate at JJ's on the Lake.. Burger and Fries to die for..  Sorry , never think to take a pic.. They feed the fish and turtles.. Yes ... they all love french fries...lolThese guys were soooo huge!! Catfish, Carp and Turtles...:) So cool!  

Well my T people i hope you've had an awesome week... I'll be around to visit! Next week i hope to show the finished painting! OOOOoo!!! Hugs! deb

Monday, August 20, 2018

I've Had My Head Buried......

........working on 'you know what' and have completely forgotten to show you what Eileen sent me for our T party Anniversary... !!
I received a beautiful ATC with a clever little poem.  I often wonder if she struggles writing those little ditties of hers or do they come easily? 

And what a smart way to send somebody some washi tape.. Remove the washi tape and and i found a stencil!! Isn't it pretty?!  I have another stencil but i have yet to remove the washi tape to see it... stay tuned.. Thank you so much Eileen for everything!!

Well you know what i've been working on.....what have you been up to this week?? I'll be by and you can spill the beans over T or coffee if you please.. Happy T day ! Hugs! deb