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Monday, November 18, 2019

My First Attempt......... altering a book.... If you are squeamish at the idea of altering a book you should stop reading now... I LOVE books.... but sometimes a book is destined for the dump or the recycle bin and i like to think of this altering as breathing new life into it...

It has really let my imagination 'take flight'... i've decided to work with a theme... 'Bees'!! Ofcourse! My current obsession is still going strong.. lol  

First i pulled some pages out of the book to make room for all that i would add... then i glued some pages together.... and gave them all a coat of gesso to help what i wanted to put on there stick... The pages were kinda slick.. Then i tore some old dictionary pages into pieces and covered the page... 

I used watered down acrylic paint in turquoise and ultramarine blue and had a great time using my fingers  to swirl in a background but kept it light enough you could still see the dictionary page underneath ... 

Then i pulled out my stamps and stencils and did my best to layer... Layering is not my forte.. But i bet this book will help me get better.. lol . There's washi tape and images from magazines and old greeting cards .... I splattered more paint.. and look at the owl...

Yep... he flips open! How cool is that? 

'Imagination rules the world'
I don't know about that but it definitely rules my world... :)

The idea of an altered book started when i found LorriMarie on YouTube... I have just devoured her videos and look forward to every single new one. She has so many great ideas . Her style is not my style.. She likes more the 'grunge' look. I'm more about bright colors... duh.. we know that about me don't we?! lol 

Her books also rarely close because they are so full of stuff.. I'd like to find a happy medium there..  So much texture here that you just can't see in the photo.. Glitter on the sunflowers.. They are a magazine image but i painted acrylic on top of them.. The star has clear dimensional paint on top.. That square in the upper right hand corner is a pocket! I forgot to pull the tag out and take a pic... On it its says...'Be Brave'..... 

The lizard flips open ... going to put a quote on courage there.. And the bees are tethered!  This page is still in progress.. I want to hide the bees under the lizard with magnets then you can bring them out... you know.. interactive.. lol 

So much fun! 

Here i glued some pages together and cut out a window and put a piece of clear acetate ... stamped a bee on it..  Found some purple ribbon in my stash for a bow..  Gave the owl a key.. 

Watch the owl......

He flips open to reveal two moons... Just let your imagination soar..
So many possibilities.. 

I used dimensional fabric paint to outline the flowers.. 

I couldn't resist the two owl looking in the mirror... If you made it this far... thank you thank you thank you...  :)   I have been working on this project nonstop for a while now and i think i will come up for air and do something else.. Let my imagination simmer for awhile.. Pull it out and do a page at a time as i feel the inspiration..  i hope you like it.. Have you ever done something like this? Would you ever do something like this???  So good to see you! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs! deb

Friday, October 25, 2019

Hooked on Bees......

..........hooked on bees here lately and can't seem to help myself... Do you ever get stuck on a subject like that?? I decided to do a whole mixed media altered book on the subject...  I'll show you that later.... lol  Above you see the header as you go down my stairs. You may remember the other two pieces .. they are done on canvas the bees..... 

.........are done on an old hardcover book board... I have found them wonderful substrates to work with.. AND i feel like i'am saving something from going to the dump... The honeycomb is texture paste colored yellow and put through a stencil ... i then shaded each honeycomb with acrylic paint... very time consuming but loved how it turned out... 

My camera did not like all the glitter... can you tell..? lol Lets see now .... i painted the book board a combination of red and orange... I have this fabulous bee stamp i just love ... the brand name has disappeared but i can almost bet you it came from Hobby Lobby..  I used a dark red Archival ink to stamp some bee images on the book board before i applied texture paste...really added a lot of depth to the piece i think.. I struggle with layering... The bees i stamped on card stock and colored with colored pencil and Gamsol and applied glitter to the wings and cut them out.. I didn't even attempt to cut out the legs and antennas and i think they look just fine.. 

Hubby update.... He's had a set back since i last wrote... blood clots on his lungs... which led to a short stay in the hospital and some new meds. but he seems to be back in recovery mode.. My nerves may never be the same though... lol  I feel so bad about my inconsistent posting  that just seems to be getting worse instead of better.. I keep throwing around the idea of stopping blogging all together but it still brings me joy so we'll soldier on.. lol  I want to thank everyone who still stops by to see what i'm up to.. :) Hugs! deb 

Sunday, September 1, 2019

'The Snake Had His PhotoShoot!'

Its been awhile.......  but i bring you good tidings!  Hubby is doing well... Sometimes he tries to do too much and pays for it that next day with not feeling well.  He went to his first session of cardiac rehab...  As much as we both agree this will increase his quality of life... he REALLY hates to exercise.. Hate is really not a strong enough word.... We got there about an half hour early... big mistake... i could just see his mind working .. fighting the urge to just walk out.. I'm so glad he stayed... Who knows maybe they can change his mind.. lol 

I was shocked to actually find a 'before' picture of my snake.. So so glad i took one..I found him at an Estate Sale for $4. He had a cracked tail so i thought i paid too much anyway but i saw the possibilities... He is solid wood....

I used found embellishments and ones i created myself from air dry clay... I rolled out some clay and used a broken panel from a fluorescent light to give him that snake skin texture...then wrapped it around the snake... worked like a charm.. Painted him black.. painted everything i used with gesso then black paint.. All those little squares are air dry clay that i used various things to make impressions.. 

I used everything from tacks to the little flowers off hummingbird feeders , some bits and bobs from the house remodel.. 

Re-purposed buttons... keys... glass gems.. beads... Most of the time was spent decision making... trying out new configurations before gluing it down.. 

Gluing things down was difficult.. It was so final... Once i glued something down there was no changing my mind... lol 

Some of the pictures i took came out blurry so these are the best of the best...

My initial idea was to make him an 'armored snake'... i think i achieved that somewhat.. but i think he needs more armor.. more of those little squares.. 

The air dry clay turned out to be a little difficult to work with..  i needed to prebend the clay before it dried so it would lay nice on the snake.. Dried clay is flexible but breaks easy when you bend it too far..  Frustrated i just decided to go with a few pieces.. 

He is going to hang on the wall... Here's a tip... Figure out how your going to hang something before you embellish it.. Now i'm worried we will damage it while we figure out how to hang it.. 

This was so much fun .. even if it was time consuming. My favorite part is the head... Love the strap across his nose and the gem on his head..   i love the whole transformation... Take care and thanks for stopping by!! I hope everything is well in your neck of the woods.. Hugs! deb

Friday, July 26, 2019

Life is Fragile..........

...... I've been reminded of that lately.... Hubby has had to have quadruple heart bypass surgery..... he is two weeks now out of the hospital with a long recovery ahead of him.. i'am so thankful to still have him...  sometimes i'am SO thankful that i'am overwhelmed.. It is quite the story that started back in March of this year.. and only an incredible set of circumstances allowed us to find the problem without first having to have a heart attack.. or stroke.. So many people had a hand in possibly saving his life.. 

Needless to say you know what helped me get through all the stress anxiety... These are the plates that you put under plants to protect your tile or carpet... there is cork on the bottom.. 

I decoupaged napkins on and if you look close you can see ofcourse i added 

These butterflies i found in a thrift store for $1

....glitter on the back wings....

I painted on this when i had to come home by myself and leave hubby in the hospital for a week.. It was very calming.. to just concentrate on it for few minutes.. I cannot imagine painting not being a part of my life ... I'm so very thankful i have found that out later in life.. wish i had known it sooner.. 

Isn't it beautiful? ... Some may not think so .. I'am not fond of wasps myself but the fact that they can make something so beautiful and delicate is just amazing to me..  Hubby and i had seen on the news an article about how abundant paper wasp nests were suppose to be this year. And now that we are looking for them we have seen several.. Hubby found this on his shop several weeks ago and brought it in to me.. I love that he knew i would love it.. 

Work on the house continues.... this was done just before hubs surgery..  We had never laid tile before.. But YES! we can do it! So glad to hear from anyone who stops by..  Big hugs! deb

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Season of the Fawn........

 Sometimes when you drag yourself out of bed close to dawn... you are rewarded....This little guy was hanging out with his momma...

 She was giving him a bath and a good washing behind the ears.. Aren't they cute? Since i last posted .......

I learned that crows like mangoes.. did you know that?

Blurry can be beautiful........

Hubby's bird houses have tenants๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

And a scary dude has been hanging around..... 

Eyeballing the songbirds and even the squirrels and chipmunks...I never saw him catch one though ....(thats my not so squirrel proof bird feeder lol )

He hasn't had life easy either.... I think Mr and Mrs Hawk built a nest in my pine trees but unfortunately for them so did Mr. and Mrs. Crow... and crows LOVE to harass the hawks... Its been one noisy Summer so far... lol   Big hugs to all who stop by... deb