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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Frost Flowers

It is as beautiful as it is rare.  A frost flower is created on autumn or early winter mornings when ice in extremely thin layers is pushed out from the stems of plants or occasionally wood. This extrusion creates wonderful patterns which curl and fold into gorgeous frozen petioles giving this phenomenon both its name and its appearance.
Found on Pinterest   Kuriositas
Its not everyday at the ripe old age of 50+ or in hubby's case 60 that you come across something new..  You start to feel like everything is 'been there , done that' or anything else you may want to do or see is just too far out of reach or perhaps i'm having a pessimistic moment.... lol  BUT yesterday hubby and i had an experience.  

Driving to work early on a bitterly cold morning we started lamenting about the trash along the road... it looked like a bunch of shredded white plastic bags that went on for miles...  We said things like 'What a mess'... 'Thats gonna be a heck of a job to clean up' ... thinking it just came out of someones truck... I described the 'mess' to my boss at work and she laughed and said 'Noooo.. those are just frost flowers' and i said 'Noooo... it was trash!' and she said 'Noooo... ' well you get the idea... 

When hubby picked me up from work i told him and he said 'Noooo.....'  lol So we slowed down and looked closer.... 'Noooo... thats shredded plastic bags.....'  Finally we found a safe place to pull over and not until we walked over and touched them did we realized it was ice and not plastic..  Neither one of us had ever seen that.  They are amazing and now that i know they are not trash .. they are beautiful. 

"Frost flowers" are ribbons of frozen sap that form at the bases of certain plants during the first hard freezes in fall.
When do they appear?
Frost flowers occur only in late fall after the first few hard freezes and while the ground is still warm.
Their season is brief, and they disappear quickly on the day they occur, melting like frost when the air warms or rays of sunlight fall on the delicate structures.
How do they form?
While the plants’ stems are ruptured by the first hard freeze, the root system is still sending up plant sap from the warmer ground. The sap pushes through the broken stem and freezes on contact with the cold air. As more saps moves up, it forces the freezing stream of white ice crystals into ornate, folded ribbons that look like petals, puffs of cotton candy, or snarls of white thread.
Just amazing and now i'm curious... have you ever experienced this phenomenon ?  Hugs! deb

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

New Jammies.....

Haven't bought new jammies in an age but couldn't resist this one..  I hope your having a 'Coffee, Nap , Sparkle , Repeat kinda day!! 
                                                                       Hugs! deb

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Aaaahhh Jinx...... now there's a cat that knows what to do on a cold, drizzly day.... cold and damp are not his friends at 16 yrs, old... I can hear his joints snap , crackle and pop as he walks or jumps.. And he likes nothing more than a good snuggle with weather like this..  Its done nothing but dribble outside all day yesterday... last night and at noon today its still going.... everything is thoroughly wet.. I think a beef stew in the crock pot is in order as i entertain myself in the craftroom ....  trying to push aside thoughts of the dishes i should wash and dust bunnies i should catch..  How's your day? Hugs! deb

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Work in Progress (WIP) and Happy Mail!!

Drive by post!!!  I'am JUST managing to get some crafting time in....   and mostly thats been over coffee in the morning... I've given up internet surfing over coffee and instead i take myself down to the craft room..first thing in the morning. Much better use of my time me thinks.. :)

These little wooden birdhouse windchimes i've had for years... they were yellow and white with a black roof... I like to hang them in my kitchen .. around the sink.. Well the move from CA to Arkansas was not kind to them.. So after some repair work .. I decided to redecorate them so they fit my decor a little better..  So i painted them white... to start.... 

... And thats 'Tim Holtz' tissue paper... i have to say i really enoyed that part... very relaxing.. :) I used Matte Medium to glue it down..

I thought of stopping here... I kinda likd the copper roof with the white..... But you knew i couldn't leave it white right? 

I wish the colors were more true.... there's a little more variation in colors than what shows up here ...  more green and yellow.. 
I ended up painting the little perches blue.. 

I'll not be putting the little silver windchimes back on... instead i want to hang a key from the bottom of each one.. I have some that have words engraved on them... 'secret', 'memory', 'love', journey'... anyway i think it will be cute.. They will be colored the bronze/copper color.. stay tuned... 

Eileen has been BUSY!!! Aren't these gorgeous?! Love the eyes!! And her wonderfully sketched girl... and the green and pink together just grabs me!  i 'am so far behind in PostCards i don't know how i'll ever get caught up.. :(  Play time has been very very limited.. I sneak a moment here and there..  

All the wonderful texture on this  PostCard is fabulous!  Even more incredible in person.. 

Eileen even sent a package... Included with her textured PC she sent some washi tape and alpha stamps!! Thank you so much Eileen! 

So thats it for me!!! If you managed to stop in for a visit.. thank you so so much!! Missing everyone!  Just trying to keep my  head above water.. Hugs ! deb

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Stepping Back..........

I'm afraid i'm going to have to admit to myself that i'am going to have to step back from the T party... for now anyway....  Life has changed in such a way that i just cannot manage to visit all you wonderful people.  I hope things will slow down at some point or perhaps i will become better at time management ... lol 

I will still post on here now and then and make some visits ... and join the T party when i can......  I hope you peek in on me once in awhile.. Its been such a pleasure and Elizabeth you are a wonderful host. I hope the T partiers that read this note will pass it on to the others...  Hugs to everyone. deb