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Monday, March 30, 2020

What have you been doing??........

Spring cleaning has kicked in around my house... Maybe because i have more time on my hands?....... or maybe because of all the construction around here the house is FILTHY... or maybe because my brain can't help but think of GERMS!...  Either way if just feels like the 'right' thing to do right now.. 

There's also been Daffodil picking.. If i could i'd give everybody a bouquet of Daffodils and make your day just a little brighter.. Aren't they just sunshine in a vase?

There's been time to make a T-rex origami... He was super challenging...   I also had the wrong paper.. too thick and white on one side... Hubby says it looks more raptor like... I'm thinking that's a success... at least you can tell its suppose to be a dinosaur.. lol 

Here's a peek inside an ArtJournal i'm making.. 

Dear...?  Who would you write a letter too in your journal?

'Life is like a balloon. If you never let yourself go.. you'll
never know how far you can rise... '  I need to be reminded of that once in awhile.. I'm not a 'let myself go' kinda gal..  

Ta Daaaaa! My new shower curtain has arrived!! i LOVE it!! Almost floor to ceiling... This is not a shower but a shower  EXPERIENCE!  I cannot explain it well enough... But you stand in that shower with light shining through the curtain and its like you are taking a shower in the woods... in a grotto... because the walls look like stone... and your very thankful for modern technology that you have warm water and not cold..  but its soooo amazing! 

I tried to capture the feel of it... the ambiance of it.. 

I failed miserably... 

Hubby thinks i'm hilarious... that i'm so over the moon about a shower curtain... I think i may keep showering in here even after the master bath is done.. Its the little things in life... lol   How are you holding up? What little things have made your day special.. Hugs! deb

Saturday, March 21, 2020


I've collected quotes for years... have several notebooks full of them.. just thought i'd share a few.. composition/sketch book holds up surprisingly well to paint.. 

...the image of the key and keyhole did not translate well from my brain to the page...But it was still fun to draw and color.. 

Wishing you all sunny skies. Be safe... be well... Thanks so much for stopping by.. Hugs! deb

Friday, March 13, 2020

One thought sustains me...........

.....AAaaahhh all her glory....

....and this is Ferrari's second bud.... Interestingly Ferrari's second bud opened all four flowers at once... The first bud opened 2 flowers then when those started to wilt the next 2 opened.. hmmm... 

Hall bath done ! Oh i need a towel bar and some hooks etc... but for the most part...  done and done... What is up with the shower curtains today.???   

Why are they so short?? The majority of what i find is 72 x 72 inches... I seriously need about an 80 inch at least...  So I've been searching Amazon for something i like after searching all the local stores.. But this one will do for now.. just looks a little odd to me for being so short.. 

Back to the 'thought that sustains me'... The next project has begun.... the Master Bath... and my one thought is 'this is the last MAJOR project'... because .. i'm tired... so tired of remodeling.. the dust , dirt, debris... the lugging .. the hauling.. the working at work and coming home and working... I'm so over it.. and i know hubby is too.. We are so glad for the experience but honestly hope to never to it again.. not to this scale.. 

So i'm doing my best to take that thought to heart and keep going.. All this has been torn out now and we just made a trip to the dump... dare i say LAST trip to the dump.. $165 for the privilege of dumping at the dump... Wore my little hard hat and vest for the LAST time.. 'knock on wood'.

Aaahhh... the Master Throne Room is done... toilet installed , flooring in .. that flooring will continue in the rest of the Master Bath .. same flooring as in the Hall Bath.. 

Now i know he's in all the pictures but i don't want you to think he did all the work... lol  He did all the demo work with the sledge hammer.. but then someone has to pick up all the mess.. um.. yeah... you got it.. thats where i come in.. 

This shower was so old it had a lead liner! uuughh.. Not sure where we can dispose of that..... have to figure that out.. Hopefully we don't have to pay to dispose of that somewhere.. 

So now the rebuild begins.. We have alot of the material.. the tiles are picked out and bought for the floor and the shower.. the vanity is bought so really... its just reassemble... We still need the glass doors... but all in all we are in good shape..  

Future smaller projects include... railing at the stairs... frame and put a window sill on the big bay window .... hang curtains.. new carpet upstairs.. but someone else is doing that ...  tile at the front entry way... back splashes in kitchen and baths.. always some trim work left to do.... because i'm slow...  but no more ripping stuff out! Now lets put her together! Stay safe ... Wash your hands!!!  Cover your mouth when you cough... oh and don't forget the toilet paper! :) Seriously though.... be well.. Hugs! deb

Friday, February 28, 2020

Remember when.............

.........Ferrari , Amigo, and StarGazer were babies..........?

Babies no more!!! Ferrari is just beautiful with her bloom.... and with a second bud just waiting.. to the right of her is StarGazer with one bud .... now Amigo on her left is not going to bloom for me but for getting these on clearance after Christmas i think they are doing really well and seem to enjoy my window sill... 

You know work on the house continues.... We are working on the Hallway Bathroom... The floor is done so it was time to tackle our first shower... I played Go-Fer on this project... And to tell you the truth i felt like a surgical nurse.... 

'SPONGE!'.. 'sponge',  'SCREWDRIVER!'..'screwdriver', 'LEVEL!'..'level'...  lol  

We are much further along than this last pic shows... nearly all the tile is in and probably later today we will start grouting.  I'm leading the show on that one and hubby will 

......and there must always be time to paint... between work and work on the house and cleaning and cooking and well just life comes ......... paint... Painting on recycled material just takes the stress away.  This is a piece of heavy chipboard that was part of the packaging of something we bought... PERFECT!

You know i love me some coffee... I think i almost enjoy the morning ritual more than the coffee itself... but i do like the coffee too.. :)  

Right now i find myself most interested in learning about and perfecting light and shadow.. always striving to get that part right.. I think it makes such a difference in a painting.. I need to find one more little blue gem to fill the hole in the packaging.. Someone told me this was subdued for me... lol  This goes more with my home decor...My colorful life tends to live in my Craftroom.. You walk in my Craftroom and its like BAM! 

I hope everyone is doing well!!!  I just love it when you stop in for a visit!  Some ch- ch- changes are coming about and i may be able to be on here more often again... Wouldn't that be great?! You just never know.. Take care! Big Hugs! deb

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Love is spoken here.............

Happy Valentine's Day 

.....just some pictures we've managed to get over the 5 years we've lived here....


Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!Hugs! deb