Friday, September 9, 2011

New Butterfly WIP

I've had a butter fly in my head for awhile now. I think it translated fairly well out of my head and onto paper.
I see the picture in layers with grass and the butterfly at the top. I have yet to add the grass. Its going to be a little difficult with the majority of it disappearing behind the butterfly. But i'll give it a go.
I think i want to fill in with more flowers.....maybe a sunflower or daisy type........Its been a fun drawing and its moving along quickly so i wanted to show you some 'in progress' pics. Any suggestions for colors??? I'm leaning toward shades of turquoise and purples for the butterfly or maybe shades of orange like a freaky monarch??? Hugs! deb


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Yum, really nice work. xox Corrine

gamma3 said...

love the flower work, can't wait to see the color on this one. sorry about the issue. give it time. keep working that noodle of yours. i love the ideas you come up with. your gifted that way. enjoy life. happy thoughts about california.