Thursday, October 27, 2011

For a long time...........

...........there was just a hat........a 'perfect' witches hat in my opinion......and i was tickled pink....for awhile.....but then the cat that was supposed to be wearing the hat would not come into being......and i struggled and erased and sketched some more holding the paper every which way, stepping back...putting it away for a few days only to pull it out and erase again.... until finally there was a face........ I was really surprised this was so difficult.....after all i've lived with a cat for YEARS....yet some how i guess i'm not really 'seeing ' him......maybe thats part of the mystery of owning a black cat. I apologize for the dark pictures but i wanted to show you the 'process'. Drawing does not come easy to me.....its a struggle......but one that i love.......I find that i 'am very tenacious when it comes to drawing . Give me a pencil and a good eraser and i will keep at it and keep at it until i feel i have it right or as close to right as i'm gonna get. He has all the elements i wanted. I love his hat and his little gotee and the wavy whiskers which came about after i had a good look at Jinx's whiskers when i couldn't seem to make any i liked and his whiskers were wavy. I like the cobweb and the spider and how i decided to do the pupil of his eye. I tried to do the pupil the way its suppose to be and no matter how many different ways i tried it , it just didn't look right, maybe thats another mysterious cat thing or my lack of talent , who knows.......but i ended up with a pupil that looks a little like a flame??? Now how to color a black cat without losing all the how do i not lose the black tail against the black body??? Hmmmm.......First things first......there was so much erasing going on i think i'm going to have to copy him to a new piece of paper before i color..............Hugs! deb


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Fab sketch. One of these days I will be brave enough to start or not. It is a perfect hat. xox Corrine

Eileen Bergen said...

What a wonderful description of how art happens.

Casual observers think it is easy - just a talent some people are born with - but any talent needs to be nurtured and developed.

I'm enjoying sharing your journey, Deb.

You're right - the hat was just perfect ... and calling for a wearer. Who else would think of a cat?!

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Love seeing your process as you drew your picture.
Thanks for sharing
I looked back on your blog and really enjoyed seeing how you came up with your title painting- excellent work- enjoyed the process