Monday, October 17, 2011

A Weekend where.......

..............the Kingfisher bird was having more luck catching fish than we were
..............the Cowboys lost in the last two minutes of the game
..............the old version of the movie The Thing was better than the new one
...............we spent money on the dvd The Zookeeper and it was so stupid we turned it off halfway
...............we went to a new Asian Buffet restaurant and all we did was pick out its faults
...............i didn't get the laundry done so i have to do it today
Can i have a do over?
What a weekend......but i did have a late night session with my journal and i thought what the heck i'll share my thoughts. Its not a rant perse just my thoughts late at night written in a journal no one will probably ever read. I must say i've been reading a Clive Cussler book that deals alot with the environment so i'm sure thats probably what stirred it up. But its good to get stirred up once in a while. Now the journal entry is a little disjointed and has run on sentences but remember i WAS writing this just for me, just my train of thought.....
Journal............I think a new train of thought is needed for this country , for the world, a new direction. For so long we've been ruled by money , by greed. What would happen if we took money out of the picture with some things? Perhaps money or some form of currency still has its place as far as getting some of the finer things in life. But the basic necessities like food, medical care, education, shelter should all be provided. By who you might ask. I'm not sure. I don't have all the answers....Husband would say then why would people work and do the jobs that need doing if not to obtain these things? I say these things would be provided if you do your job. If i had it all figured out , if i had all the answers i'd run for president. Does it ever feel that as a civilization that we are doing this wrong? That somewhere along the line, back in the day we made a wrong turn? Kind a like with fossil fuels. We never should have went' down that path. And now it remains to be seen how much of this big blue marble we are willing to destroy to get at the remaining fossil fuels?
It sadden me because i know change will happen only when we are pushed to the brink of disaster. If only we could embrace solar and wind energy the way we embraced oil and coal. Our governments need to make solar and wind energy affordable. Change must happen. Deep down you know this, you sense it. The more we wait the more of the irreplaceable beauty of this earth will be lost. Is that the legacy we leave for future generations. Or are we the generation that demanded change?
So those are my thoughts late at wonder i have trouble sleeping sometimes. I lay in bed and try to solve all the worlds problems.......What do you think about the protest going on in New York etc..........?? I think people have forgotten how powerful we can be as a nation with one voice. That our power comes in numbers. I think the protests in New York etc... lack focus and that hurts them but at the same time i think it has gotten them the numbers. There are many people out there using the protests as a platform for whatever their issue happens to be. It takes alot to get Americans out in the streets. Imagine if we focused on one issue at a time and put all our energy into that one issue whatever it may be......?? Hugs! deb


Lori said...

You know how they say money is the root of all evil, right?

Did you really think the Cowboys were going to win against the Patriots?

Eileen Bergen said...

I read a good article in "O" magazine by Martha Beck (I think she's terrific), "In Praise of Rose Colored Glasses".

It starts saying the world we live in is a hard, scary place, and only getting worse. So what can we do? Get out there and enjoy it.

"The repercussions of one person living in stubborn gladness are incalculable."

Plus quotes from others on this point:

"We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world." (poet Jack Gilbert)

"Take bread away from me, if you wish, take air away, but do not take from me your laughter. ... it opens for me the doors of life." (Pablo Neruda - Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet)

Aren't those beautiful thoughts?

The article made me think more deeply about how we ought to live in this earthly "vale of tears".

Better to make it a brighter better place in any way we can - even though we know it can never be the Garden of Eden.