Friday, November 4, 2011


I didn't want you to think that work on the birdfeeder had stopped because we moved into the continues......the fact that i'm so tired of working on it , so tired of having it hanging over my head is what drives me to finish it.
~~~~~~~Occupy.....what is it all about??....people are upset, people are speaking out, about what??? At first it seemed they were speaking out about everything. Everyone and anyone with a complaint or issue used the platform to speak out. This aloud alot of people to get 'on board', some might call that genius. They also had no clear leaders, that too may be genius. Over time, i think they've finally settled on 'corporate greed' as their platform. Not bad, what exactly does that emcompass>> It may be just vague enough to get alot of people together on one issue. I have one side of the birdfeeder completed and a couple rows on the other. Its slow going. I glue and measure and sometimes have to cut shingles and then strap down to let them dry. I'm now at the point that i need to paint and stain some more shingles but ooooOOOooo the end is near!
~~~~~~~What is my discontent? I'm tired of Congress fighting like children so nothing is accomplished, everyone trying to slip in a hidden agenda. I'd like to fire the whole lot of them. I think they forget they hold people's lives in their hands. I'm tired of an ineffective president and the new crop of presidential hopefuls look no better with their 'not saying what they mean', I mean we expect them to at least know how to speak coherently don't we? and their infidelities that keep popping up. I mean really we hold our president to a higher standard or at least we should after all he is speaking for the rest of us when he represents the US at meetings and summits. I'm tired of voting and having the outcome be meaningless. To hear me say that people who know me would be shocked. I'am a huge advocate of voting. Alot of people went thru alot to make sure i had that right.
~~~~~~~~~~~And for the first time I honest to goodness feel discouraged enough to not vote. And then i got to thinking, what would happen if no one voted?? What if we were all just so discouraged that no one voted. Would that speak loud enough for them to hear us in Washington?? I really like the way this is turning out. I think it will look great in our new yard where ever that may be. Still no word on the job front. When i know you'll know. PROMISE!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~To me we Americans are notoriously stoic. We take alot of S H * * and keep a stiff upper lip. Oh we might talk and complain amongst ourselves but to actually take a stand on something to say enough is enough ....well it takes alot to get us riled up. But when it does happen it can be a beautiful thing. I believe 100% in peaceful protest. Its important! I'm not sure exactly what went on in Oakland to bring such a strong reaction from the cops. But we Americans who are sitting on the edges of this protest need to be watching and we need to be vigilant. Peacefully protesting and speaking our minds is a uniquely American right and we need to make sure these people have that right. So even if you don't agree with them we as Americans need to make sure their rights are not compromised. Remember......" If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything................" Hugs! deb


F. McButter Pants said...

Love the bird house. It will turn out brilliant.

I totally agree with you on the Occupy thing. I guess wish they were more focused on what the #1 issue is. I occupied Phoenix. It was peaceful.

Hope you find a place to hang the birdhouse soon :)

Eileen Bergen said...

My son John's home and small internet café are in Oakland, so I've been one worried mom. I talked to him Thursday.

He's fine and his café is for now. Some of his staff and customers have been involved in the Occupy protests.

They tell John outside agitators have come in. Some of his friends have gotten into fights trying to prevent the outsiders from vandalizing, etc.

We do need CHANGE in America; but not the kind of change we got from the current bunch in Washington.

How about a return to good old fashioned American values?

Lori said...

Politics irritates me to no end. And the protests won't really do anything. It didn't work for the Vietnam war or the war in Iraq. It won't work for this.

John said he is thinking of not voting because really, votes don't matter.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I like the colors on your bird house/feeder, a real mosaic of color there. Love the last line in your post! xox Corrine