Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Voting Has Begun..........!!!

Finally!!! You know i've been haunting the voting site ever since coffee this morning only to find out the voting didn't start until 10 am pacific time.........which is noon my time aaarrrgghh......
Any way here is a link . I hope it works. If you like my boot leave me some love by voting. I have no idea if you can vote more than once. If someone wants you can check that out and let me know. Voting runs from today thru Jan 5, 2012. UGG Australia reserves the right to pick the winner but will give special consideration to boots with the highest votes. Other than this blog i really have no social media presence so people that do will really have an edge in the vote department. Feel free to pass this link on to whoever you think might like to vote. If i'm to get alot of votes it will be thru word of mouth......I'm going to leave this up at the top of my blog for a few days . If per chance the link does not work you can also reach it by www.talenthouse.com/debterrypeacockboot Thank you so much for all the wonderful support you've always given my artwork! Hugs! deb

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Me! A boot designer.......?????

I've decided to enter this contest Art and Sole 2011 by UGG AUSTRALIA! I tried to set up a link there for you. I hope it works my track record on links is not the best. :) But anyway i saw this advertised on someone's blog so i thought i'd check it out. You down load and print out these boot templates and design your own boot! Now i never really draw clothes or shoes or boots or anything but it sounded like fun. And you might find it funny how this boot morphed from its original concept to what it is now. Its still in progress so none of the pictures here are the final product, still coloring........... My first vision was to draw a koi with its tail kinda up the leg portion of the boot and its head
toward the toe......well after many attempts the koi was not happening...........so i asked myself what do i like most about the koi??? And the answer was the scales. I like the detail and repetitiveness. So i drew them in....... As i started coloring them in they started looking more like peacock feathers than scales and a family member (bless their heart) said well you know alot of people wear their pants over their boots so your never gonna see those feathers.....you need to put something on the foot part. So i sketched and colored a peacock feather. So there you have it what started out as a koi morphed to a peacock. LOL! Now heres the fun part. I have until Dec 26 to get this finished and scanned in and downloaded to their site. I've never done anything like this before. It can be a Jpeg or PNG file no more than 5mb i believe thats right..........so i don't know as long as i can figure all that out i will enter it. I hope i can cause i have spent an awful long time coloring these feathers........I hope they scan in nice. These pictures here are just taken with my camera and i don't think they do the feathers justice. They really are pretty. Okay.....now here is where you come in..............once i get it downloaded........ people get to vote on it! UGG AUSTRALIA chooses the winner but takes special consideration of the ones that receive the most votes..........The winner receives $5,000 !!! and their vision made into a real live boot!!! Wouldn't that be awesome. Now UGG does not have to pick the one with the highest vote to win they reserve the right to pick their choice but....BUT the one with the highest vote may not win the $$$$ but they will have a pair of boots in their design. Cool or what??? If i remember right the voting starts Dec 27 and runs into at least the first week of the new year. When i get it finished and loaded and everything figured out i'll post a link here. If you like my boot would you pretty , pretty please vote for it??? I can't wait to see what other people came up with......LOL! Merry Christmas!! Hugs! deb

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Quick Movie Review!

..........for just one movie.........Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows.........the movie world has been pretty stagnant for me for a while now.........Breaking Dawn part 1 was a pretty big let down for me. I LOVEd the first three Twilight movies and i was sorely disappointed with this last one....i know many people loved it but i did not........ I did like The Help. I've never read the book so i had no expectations going in and was pleasantly entertained. NOW........Sherlock Holmes.......you know i say i don't like comedies but really i think thats because i think most comedies make me feel like i've lost a few IQ points when i walk out of the theatre......Sherlock Holmes was in one word....DELICIOIUS......it was smart , witty, funny, exciting and worth every penny. I was sad to see sales were down from the first Sherlock Holmes as i think this one more than held its own. So before Tom Cruise and his Mission Impossible over shadow everything i wanted to put in my two cents for Sherlock. Go see it! You won't be sorry!!! Hugs! deb

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chrismas is hiding this year.........

Blogger is misbehaving this morning so i have no idea how this post is gonna turn out.......sigh........but lets give it a go. Thank you all so much for all the Congrats and well wishes. He's been out of school a week now and already bought himself some new computer books to 'study' and 'continue his education' . I think he just felt lost without a computer book in his hands. :)Jinx found the only spot of Christmas in our apartment. Digging out the decorations packed in the boxes just seemed like too big a job this year. Hubby's mom made this pointsettia afghan and gave it to us at Thanksgiving. Jinx wants me to tell her he loves it very much. lol. Hubs and i did stick to a Christmas tradition of our last night by walking thru the Christmas lights down town along the river. They wrap the trees and put up big displays of the twelve days of Christmas and Charge $5 for people to drive thru. Hubs and i? We pay our $5, grab a candy cane from the basket and walk thru with an arm around each other staying warm. It really is like a fairytale land and these picture do it no justice. I can't believe the number of people that drive thru , bumper to bumper, exhaust spewing out their cars. I think in the mile and a half/two mile walk we ran into two other people bundled up strolling along like us. The people sitting in their cars just don't know what their missing. A kiss under the Christmas lights ( i KNOW those trees had mistletoe growing in them. ). I have another post planned before xmas but if i don't get back here or blogger keeps giving me trouble i want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Hopefully next year i'll be wishing you it from California instead of Texas surrounded by all y decorations! Hugs! deb

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Drumroll please.........................

............after many long years (8 to be exact) my hubby is the proud owner of a Bachelor's Degree! OMGosh its really over........ we are still reeling from the implications of that.......what in the world is hubby gonna do with himself if hes not worried about homework or an upcoming test. School has been so much a part of our lives for so long. Once he got the grade 79.86 (only .14 from a B, maybe the teacher will round up ) honestly the lowest grade i've ever seen him get, for the rest of the evening i could see the realization of it slowly sinking in. He's a free man! He's so hard on himself . And he sees so many things in his life that he feels he left unfinished, so to have stuck this out to the end is HUGE to him. I cannot begin to tell you how proud i'am of him. Thank you so much for all your good thoughts and well wishes. Now lets see if this degree can help him get the computer job of his dreams. :) Hugs! deb

Monday, December 12, 2011

Holding our breath......................

........and it feels like the whole world is holding its breath with us..............We are still waiting to hear back from that job that hubs had the interview for. They did say it would take a couple weeks.....but still......but beyond that he has 42 jobs that he has been referred for or found eligible and we are waiting................This past weekend was especially difficult cause hubby just took his last final exam for his bachelor's degree........and we are waiting the results. I wish his last class could have been easy, enjoyable, a breeze but oh no save the hardest for last........and he's nervous......not confident at all about the test. 99% of his classes he does so well during the class that by the time the final rolls around its no big deal. ............but not this time, the last time, this time he will skate by, by the skin of his teeth.......I asked him what is the worst that could happen? He would have to repeat the class..........that has never happened in all these years.........he has always passed..............but the world will not end, the sky will not fall , he will just have to do this stinkin' class over again............so cross all your fingers and all your toes, heck even cross your eyes when your not using them and send good thoughts our way..............I'll let you know.........

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I've Been Playing...........

with paint!........my arch nemesis..........paint strikes fear in my heart.....don't ask....i don't know why but it does....it seems so permanent and difficult to control the outcome but if you think about colored pencils which i use regularly i cannot erase them so they are permanent too and markers........just something about paint. Well what you see here is me trying to kill two birds with one stone. Along with all my crafty stuff and drawing i LOVE to write letters and i have about a dozen friends and family members that i write to. But heres the kicker they don't like to write back. I'm told they love to receive my letters but they hate to write. So for years i just took that in stride..........'It doesn't matter , i love to write so i'll just write'..............but you know what? I like to receive as well as give and theres nothing wrong with that. Everyday when i go to the mail box i hope someone will break down and write me a letter, a note, a postcard.........really ......i'll take anything......lol! It never once dawned on me to try to find people , like me, who love to write. I mean hey if family and friends won't drop you a line who will? But a few weeks ago after a particularly frustrating moment the word 'PenPal ' jumped in my head......At first it sounded ridiculous, and childish.....isn't it only kids who have penpals?.......OOoooh no let me set you straight on that. I found a whole new world of letter writers and Mail Art affectionados out there just waiting to welcome me with open arms. These are people who love to send and receive mail as much as i do. Amazing! So for the past week or so i've been attempting another piece of mail art which is pictured above. All of my supplies are packed away and i don't want to buy too much to have to lug to California or wherever we end up . So i bought the primary colors red, blue, yellow and black and white and i'm going to learn how to mix the colors to get what i need......i mean i 'know' how to mix paint......blue/yellow make green but i haven't actually messed with it very much. I just buy the color i need.....lime green, pine green whatever in the little bottles. So i hope my new penpals will bear with me. LOL! Its gonna be fun. I didn't want to show you too much in pictures as it will give away the surprise for the recipient. Do you have penpals? Do you exchange mail art? I hope the postal service doesn't go belly up. I do think people will miss it only after its gone. I know i will miss it terribly. You may think email but a handwritten letter has a whole different feeling to it. I'm still collecting penpals so if your interested let me know! Hugs! deb