Monday, January 16, 2012

Damage Control........... not from eating.........although i could probably use a little of that after the weekend too..............but no this is from a very stupid move on my part.........ya know just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you you know i've gotten more consistent with my walking and started adding the hill route back in to my routine. The month of January has been all about curbing my eating , especially junk food and getting back into an active routine. Well i got it in my head that if i made an extra trip or two up and down the stairs leading to our apartment it would add a little something to the exercise level even if it does look a little silly to someone watching. LOL! Well i still think its a plausible idea but it was not very smart of me to decide to RUN up and down the stairs instead of just walking. Apparently my legs were not ready for that pounding. So for two days now i've been icing my shins and putting a heating pad on my knotted calves moaning my stupidity. I walked the hill route yesterday and halfway around i decided it may not have been a good idea as my shins hurt while doing it and my calves were really tight. But once you are halfway around you might as well continue.........well i won't be visiting the hill route the rest of the week....maybe Friday.......i will just walk the relatively flat roads around the neighborhood. I hoping i can nip this in the bud. The shins are feeling much better but the calves are still tight. God, my fitness level just went down the tube in a very short time..... Isnt' this book beautiful?? I'm about to finish my current journal and its so exciting to find a new one. It takes me about a year and a half to two years to finish one. So we spend alot of time together. I found this one at Michaels on sale for around $6. I thought it fitting since i 've had peacocks on the brain lately. :) Its been a while since i've given a job update..........i wish i had more news. Hubby was found eligible for a IT job GS13 for the Forestry Service, but apparently forestry is nothing to get excited about because they put the jobs out there, they take applications, they find you eligible and refer you to selecting officials and then they sit on call and inquire and they say they are on a hiring 'pause'.......check back after the first of the year..........still apparently 'on pause' the story is still the same..........many, many applications out there........found eligible and referred for many.......many........ but then they sit on them and do nothing............the one he had the interview for said they have until the end of January to make a decision BUT hubby is one of the finalists...............this is the one in Redding , CA. IT GS 9/11. The stress and strain of not knowing is truly weighing on us.............Maybe one day we'll look back on this time and laugh but it is so not fun now..................
The movie review list has been short of late............just nothing to make us go spend the money........We did go this last Friday to see something hubby wanted to see........'Contraband' with Mark Wahlberg.......not bad.........not great.....but not bad. Worth a matinee or a rental. Hubby is interested in seeing 'Haywire' with Michael Douglas and Antonio Banderas this coming weekend...........not my kind of movie either but we'll go..........the are also showing a new Underworld movie now THAT is my kind of movie but it says 3D and i won't go to 3D so we'll see if they offer it in Digital. Seen any good movies lately??? Hugs! deb


Carol said...

The bad thing about the gov't is that a lot of jobs that are posted are really filled from within but the rules make them go through the process. But your hubby is already in gov't so he knows this. I always thought it was frustrating! Is that YOUR art?? WOW!! That is pretty dang good! Glad you have something to occupy your time while you ice those shins! Yeah, don't you hate it when that happens? I have an article I need to email you. If I don't send it today then I have forgotten so ask me about it! Good luck!

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

oooooh, I'm so sorry about your poor shins!! I hope they heal quickly!

Eileen Bergen said...

Oooh, poor baby! At least you know enough to take care and not develop shin splits.

The journal is beautiful. And just perfect for you.

No, you'll never look back at this long wait and laugh; but you will remember how grateful you both were when it ended! Hopefully that will be very soon.

Thanks for the update anyway. We're all waiting for the GOOD NEWS!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

So, its REALLY true about too much of a good thing, huh. How the heck did Sly Stallone run up those stairs. How many times do you think he had to walk before he ran? Just sayin'.
I'd say you are still on track. Yay!

Eileen is so right. You will never look back and laugh. We have been there. And people laugh at me at work when I thank our business owner for my job. I say, you never had to look for a job and can't find one, did ya. Punks! ~lol~ course at 60, they are ALL punks to me ~lol~

Things will work out. The pendulum always swings back.

Have a great day and remember, you gotta walk before you can run.
xx, Carol

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Oops too much too soon. Take is easy and go slow on the uptick. Waiting sucks, but at least he is a finalist..that says good things. Good luck. xox Corrine

Katiejane said...

I feel bad for you. I know how that feels. I get shin pain when I start on the treadmill but it goes away in the second half hour. Sometimes I get cramps in my calves in the middle of the night. NOT FUN! I'm thinking of joining the local YMCA this summer to get a more rounded workout.

You got that journal at Michaels?? It's beautiful! I wonder if my Michaels have any? I'll have to look. I love it.

Don'tcha just hate that waiting for an answer? Employers everywhere seem to be very cautious and careful about hiring right now. Good luck.

Diana said...

Sorry about your legs. It sounds very painful. Best to take it easy for a few days.

I still just love your artwork. It's so beautiful I could just stare at it all day. :)

Hubby still looking for a job? Mine too, and he's getting very frustrated. I really think it's because of his age. 56. They just want youngsters these days for cheap salaries. Ah well, they get what they pay for. :)

debby said...

Stairs ARE really good exercise. But yes, like everyone said, walk before you run. I found that doing the stairs at work made my hill climbing around home super easy.

I LOVE your journal. Do you use it for writing or for drawing? I still enjoy journaling on paper. There's something about writing by hand compared to tapping into a computer screen. It makes your thoughts stick in your memory a little longer.