Thursday, February 2, 2012


................I'd never heard of the word but in my Internet wanderings at one of my favorite haunts CreateMixedMedia i read an article kaizen by Quinn McDonald. Apparently kai-means change and zen - means to become good. And in all honesty the only thing my strange little brain could think of while reading the article was making it apply to weightloss and lifestyle changes.....go figure.....but its a good article and all about taking baby steps.........I hope the links work and you'll take a look at it. LOOK at these marvelous butterflies i found in a magazine! They were quite tricky to cut out but so totally worth it!
And here is another piece of MailArt i've completed. I don't which one was more fun the front above or the back below. I even remembered to block out the addresses before showing you. I used a marker for all the antennas and a white marker for the dots....i made sure each butterfly was outlined in black.****** You are not gonna believe what hubby and i saw on our walk yesterday evening! The trees around here are budding out! No joke! Not just one or two but ALL of them. This is Feb 3rd right??? Wow!! It was 77 today and even the nights have been warm in the 50's. When there is only a 20 degree temperature change between day and night that triggers things to grow........(just some useless knowledge from my garden center years. lol) But i have to say February is waaaay too early!
The back of the envelope was fun too. A fellow MailArt person sent me the circles and i had no idea what to do with them........The cute little indie archway came from a flooring magazine ad and ofcourse left over butterflies.......i painted the bodies on the large was alot of fun. Maybe the circles could have been placed better in a more abstract fashion theres probably some abstract rules i'm breaking here but i like it. ***** Hubs and i will be gone for about a week.......he is finally getting arthroscopic surgery on his knee! We are nervous and excited at the same time.......Its another trip to Albuquerque but if it will help him be mobile i'am so for it. I have to hit up the doctor and find out exactly what his rehab should consist of. Rehab is not one of hubby's strong points..........and he will fight me every step of the way. If i'm gonna nag i wanna make sure i know what i'm nagging about! So if things are a little quiet don't worry i'll be back soon......taking the peacock picture with me if i don't finish it this weekend.....although i'am making good progress..........we don't leave until Tues.....I'll be bringing the laptop so maybe you'll get a post from Albuquerque! We plan on seeing the movie 'the Gray' this weekend and i want to see 'The Lady in Black' I like scary movies as i'm sure you all know by now and i'd like to support Daniel Radcliffe in his endeavor beyond Harry Potter....... :)Hugs! deb


Carol said...

An informed nagger, I like that! I think all husbands are like that though. Mine is dealing with an IT issue and won't go get a referral for PT (I bet he changes his mind if he can't do the long run Monday though). I hope things go well with your hub's surgery. Mobility is critical at any age but more so as we get older!! BTW, you cut out all those butterflies? Whoa - impressive. Love all the colors!!

Katiejane said...

Love this butterfly idea. So pretty and original.
Good luck with the surgery.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I might have to frame said envelope it is so gorgeous and fun fun. Great letter, got some writing to do my friend. xox Corrine

E. Jane said...

Again, your art is fabulous! Hope all goes well for your hubby. Knees can be so painful and so debilitating. How nice to have such warm temperatures. We've had a mild winter in Minnesota, but I'm ready to travel south for a couple of weeks. Have a nice weekend!

Barbara Moore said...

Your artwork is wonderful and I just love butterflies!

Hugs XX

Penny said...

I have had an arthroscope on my knee, do what you are told and all will be well, dont and its not good. Ice packs, exercise, dont walk for 5 days, cant remember the rest, just remember lots of ice packs and doing the exercises on my bed very regularly.
Good Luck

Eileen Bergen said...

The butterflies and the way you've arranged them are gorgeous!

I envy the person who gets that piece of mail art.

Good luck with the surgery and rehab. Rehab is sooo hard. Either a person is afraid to start moving again or overdoes it and, in either case, ends up paying a heavy price.

Lori Bradford said...

Thank you for the new word, Kaizen. I just stummbled across you blog and I really like your art work. Your "about me" is very inspiring...own your lables, accept and embrace your differences. Im a little different too so appreciate what you said. thanks for sharing. Lori