Friday, February 17, 2012


Well i thought i was finished..........until i scanned it in and now i don't like how the black shows everything......ever notice that? I had the same trouble with the 'Cat on a Wall' picture over there on the side bar......Okay i'm gonna try to color in that
black a little better on the feathers and the beak, after that i'll rescan it and it is what it is. The black does not look all streaky like that in person. I must remember that black does not scan well and keep it to a minimum in pictures.
*****Well hubby had an interview yesterday and has another one today. The one yesterday was for a computer position in Ft Knox , KY and the one today is an Equipment Operator in Kent, Washington........ where oh where will the spinning top stop??? :) Still waiting to hear back from the interview for the Electrician's Journeyman in Louisville, KY and the IT specialist in Redding , CA.......Today marks his 5th interview.....not too shabby. But my goodness i wish someone would draw his name out of the hat already. I wanna know where i'm gonna be.
*******I've been walking and behaving myself on eating......having hubby watching what he eats helps tremendously! I wish i could tell you after all this time that the pants were hanging off me but honestly their not.......however they do seem to fit a little more comfortably and i guess the fact that i have not outgrown them is a good sign too. LOL! So just keep on keepin' on. Artwork maybe a little scarce on here for a little while as now the peacock pic is done i'll be working on some MailArt and i don't want to show it before the recipient receives it. I'm having trouble nailing down an image in my head for some MailArt. I have alot of ideas floating around in my head and keep discarding them for another.....i probably just need to start and let it unfold.......I look at my craft table and it sure doesn't take long to accumulate things. Maybe it won't be long and i'm gonna have to pack all this stuff away to move...........fingers crossed! deb


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I've been thinking about you all day and need to get my mail art toucas in gear. I am remiss. Good news about interviews, it will come, trust the gut! xox Corrine

Carol said...

Sounds like you are making good progress! Glad hubs is getting on the bandwagon as well. And I hope you soon know where you are going to land so you can get on with it!