Friday, March 16, 2012

Lucky, Lucky Blog Award!

Look what hubby and i found ourselves standing in on St Patty's Day! A huge patch of shamrocks! Ofcourse we are hoping all that luck transcribes to our move to California BUT....
I think i must have used up a little bit o luck when Eileen from The Artful Crafter presented me with The Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you so much Eileen! Its my first award over here at 'Learning to just breath'. Now for the rules! I get to pass on this award to 15 wonderful blogs that brighten my day and help me to 'just breathe'. Ofcourse Eileen is one of them but i don't think i can 'award' her back LOL! So here we go. Any one of these blogs is worth your time to take a peek and show some comment love.
Suzy's Sitcom- Suzy is incredible. Something different everyday. She even has a day where you can promote your blog. I've received a lot of blog traffic from her site. She's wonderfully artsy craftsy with great tutorials.
Debby Weighs In-Come meet Debby and her constant companions Mr. Monk, Noah,and ofcourse the Queen who might be upset i mentioned her last...Debby talks of weightloss maintenance, healthy eating, staying active , settling into retirement and her love of quilting.
Gravel and Rust-And the fabulously wise Roxie. She reminds me everyday in her own way that courage is not the absence of fear but facing your fears and conquering them. She reminds me to be present and live my life fully.
A Fanciful Twist- Vanessa is an amazing artist. She is just magickal. I cannot describe it any other way. You must visit her blog just to take a peek. She has two wonderful furry boys Matty and Miles who shower her with love. A Mr. Lovee who is her soul mate and best of all she has a gypsy wagon! And flowers and gardens galore! Lets not forget all the fairies and wee folk who live there....
Chronicles of a Country Girl-Kate. Shares the most amazing photos of birds that surround her bird feeders and we must not forget George the border collie nor her hubby. They live in a gorgeous manor house . Their seemingly perfect life has been marred with hubby's health issues but their love and strength fills your heart.
The Hermitage- Let me introduce you to Rima, a so very talented fold artist. Rima doesn't post very often but when she does its the mostly lovely artwork and stories. I hope you'll go roam around her blog and be inspired.
Beads and Birds-Carol talks about whatever pops in her head. lol . And i LOVE that about her blog. Her blog is like a box of chocolates , i never know what i'm gonna get on any given day. She talks of family , movie reviews and who would you be if you took a different path through life.
Dog Daisy Chains- Jackie is an incredible textile artist. If you pop over there you'll see what i mean. The colors and detail blow me away. I love the description of herself that she wrote in the 'About Me' section of her blog. She hasn't posted in a week but i think her little furry addition to her family Heddy is keeping her busy. :)
Bungalow Bling- Shell crafts the loveliest things. Party hats and just about anything you can think of, all done in pastel colors. And when she ends her post with a 'Great big bus on the cheek' I can't help but smile.
Kate's Corner- To me Kate lives an amazing life. One that i would love to emulate . She creates art...the most wonderful sketches and watercolors....often participates in group hikes, gives back to her community by helping seniors at the senior center with arts and crafts. Her blog is a joy to read.
Be yourself everyone else is taken-Beth is a photographer by trade and takes the most amazing photos. My favorite are her jumping photos where she has everyone jump. Her posts are always so heartwarming and thought provoking.
Finding Radiance-Lori...what can i say about Lori? She is just a little powerhouse. LOL! She is maintaining a 100+ pound weightloss. She is just amazing and inspiring and just full of energy . Her passion is bike riding and her enthusiasm just spill over to me. She is always experimenting with food and has lots of recipes. And lets not forget hubby John who is her riding partner (just a little green with envy here) and her furbaby Pixie.
Water Blossoms- Margaret....amazes me with just what doodles can do. She creates the most amazing art with doodles. You have to go visit to see what i mean. Scroll down a little to see her underwater cave artwork and if you explore her blog you'll see much more.Thank you Margaret. You inspire me to keep doodling!
Chickens In The Road-Have you ever wanted to live on a farm? Well Suzanne gives you a glimpse into one. She's lived on a farm for a long time but has just recently moved to a new one. There are so many characters there for you to meet from Glory Bee to The Crooked Little Hen....I love to hear about her little piece of heaven.
Whimsical Art and Travel Blog-And last but by no means least meet Lindy. Her artwork just makes me smile. Just like the title of her blog its so bright and whimsical you can't help it. She seems to have such and open and friendly face. Someone you'd love to meet. She has a couple video demonstrations too you can check out.
~~~~~~~I'll be coming around for a visit today to let each one of you know you won! Then its your turn. Create a post like this selecting your 15 favorite blogs and let them know. Don't forget to link back to 'Learning to just breathe' for selecting you. Finally just for fun tell us 7 random facts about you...Here's mine!
~~~~~~~~1. I want to be a forest ranger when i grow up.
2. I'am interested in Wicca
3. I want to visit all the National Parks before i die
4. I would be a tree hugger if given the opportunity
5. I've kept a journal for the last 25 years
6. I love to watch Little House on the Prairie reruns
7. I would love to find a way to sell my artwork
~~~~~~~~~~Are you laughing at me??? LOL! I can't wait to read 7 random facts about you! After all that work you get to grab the little Versatile Blogger award button. Congratulations! Have fun! i can't wait to visit your favorites!Hugs! deb


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm not laughing...remember...Terry and I watch Gunsmoke EVERY night.
Thanks for a list of your favs too..I'll go take a look. So glad you like mine and we are Blog Friends.

Oh, yea...I almost forgot. How cool to look down and see all those shamrocks. Its surely a great omen.

O yea,,WICCA huh...didn't know that about you. There is more to you than meets the eye!! Bet when you get out to CA, you'll figure out a way to sell your art.
xx, Carol

Jackie said...

Thank you so much for this blog award and all the lovely things you said about me. You are right, I haven't posted in a week and the last one wasn't textiles either! Hetty and I have been busy and no sewing has been done. There will be an update shortly I hope. I need to have a big clear up in my sewing room and then I can get to my sewing. Thanks again.

Katiejane said...

Lots of juicy stuff here. Congratulations on your award and thank you for naming me as a recipient. I'm sorry to say that I don't participate in blog awards but I am flattered and honored, just the same.

Rima Staines said...

Thank you Deb for your kind award and wishes :)
Best wishes to you in return.. from the edge of Dartmoor

Lori said...

Thanks for the award! Funny how I get called a powerhouse a lot. LOL.

You can sell your artwork. There are lots of avenues, so explore all of them! Don't be afraid and just do it.

Lindy Gruger Hanson said...

Thank you Deb for the Award and the nice things you said. :) Smiles to you!

Corrine said...

Tag you are it again!!! Play if you like or not. At the new site. xox Corrine