Monday, April 23, 2012

Another MailArt Break!

This is the last piece of MailArt created in Texas. I don't plan my MailArt ahead of time. I have a folder that i keep my magazine clippings in and when i'm ready to create something i sift thru everything and see what comes to mind. Sometimes i'm feeling like a collage like this one and others i paint since i'm trying to acquaint myself with acrylic and sometimes i combine the two. NO rules except for the US Post Office rules ofcourse. :) This one a MailArt buddy had sent me a bunch of paper circles to use and this is what popped in my head to do with them. I found the balloon in a magazine and immediately thought of the pic of hubby and i on our balloon ride. So yes that is really us. And i love the quote. Sorry the pic is a little blurry. I didn't notice it until i loaded it on here. Ah well......So this is the front and...... ..........this is the back. I keep running into butterflies in magazines.........or maybe thats just my eye has been drawn to of late. Anyway my MailArt buddies have been getting alot of butterflies. LOL! I'm not particularly thrilled with how the writing turned out on this one. Lettering is not my strong suit. But i do love the poem. "Fling off thy sadness!"I can just hear this one being read aloud by an accomplished orator. You? Hubs and i drove around this past weekend and took pictures of our new city. So hang on more pictures to come. And i have some HUGE news to share but i don't want to jinx it. I don't know if thats possible but i'm not taking any chances. :) Hugs! deb


gamma3 said...

hey girlfriend, i have tried for a second time to post. please let me know if you get this. your art work is fantastic. i just love all of it. i think others do to. they say an artist is their own worst critic. you should be very proud of your work. we are. happy house hunting.

kimmie said...

Mail art looks so fun! It must really make the postman's day!!! Love it!

Corrine at said...

First one is fun and kind of Dali-esque, the second is the Deb I know, lovin those flutterbye's. xox

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Is a great poem. Love your art. What is the big news!!! Can't wait to know.
xx, Carol

Kate Elwell said...

What a great idea! I never know what to do with old magazines. I think I'll start saving clippings and creating unique letters for family and friends. Thanks for the inspiration!

Eileen Bergen said...

Deb, I loved the lettering. I was tempted to copy it in my mail art to you! Maybe next time ;-)

To avoid doing that, I followed some of A Creative Dreamer's doodles. Sort of ... Pushing the artistic envelope here and lovin' it.