Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This is an Ending and..........

........and a new beginning......the packing of the huge 24' rental truck is not something i care to remember.....except to say that everything fit (barely) and that we couldn't have done it without
our friends, who spent two long afternoon and evenings with us packing it just so. And hopefully with a wing and a prayer everything made it unbroken. Notice i did not say unscathed because you cannot make a trip like this and not accumulate some dings and scratches. Just plan on it happening, even if you pad and cover everything(which we did) , its gonna happen. Most of our stuff , furniture wise is old and needs replacing anyway, just not sure when thats gonna happen so we brought our old stuff so we'd have something to sit and sleep on. Above is Jinx. The whole last morning he took up post beside his crate. He was making sure he wasn't left behind. Just before taking off......can you see the look in Jinx's eyes?? He's so not thrilled about that truck. In fact he disliked it so much he spent most of the trip huddled under the seat. So far under the seat that at one point for a heart stopping moment we thought we lost him........I know, i know he should have been in his crate but did you see how small that crate is?? ........for three days.......anyway just couldn't do it to him. The litterbox and food and water was in the floor board. He had calmer moments where he would lie on the bench seat next to hubs and be petted and fawned over while he meowed about how terrible his life was. My truck driving hubby checking the oil in our rather old Budget truck and cleaning the windows. Gas prices are just horrible. And this truck took diesel which is even worse. Diesel alone cost us nearly $1000..........it hurts to just type that. Really made me start thinking we should have just had a yard sale and sat on the floor in the new apartment and slept on a blowup mattress.......sigh............. Let me tell you about the night before this above picture was taken.........Friday morning Mar 30th....we cleaned the apartment and checked out and by noon we and our loaded moving truck was on the road.....okay ...now hubby is driving said moving truck......i'am driving the red Dodge Ram 1500 pickup pulling an empty 10 or 12 ft (not sure) empty trailer behind. My hubby loves that trailer......he put a new deck on it.....painted it red to match his truck....did some other modifications......anyway you get the picture he was not leaving it behind.....So theres me.....in the pickup...pulling the trailer following the moving truck. Hubs and i had hand held walkie talkies to communicate. Let me tell you LOVED those walkie talkies.....we could pass the time...point things out to each other......he could warn me of an upcoming accident...anything....It would have been a very boring trip with out them.
********Something you don't know about me........I'm a terrible driver.......terrible........did i say terrible??? TERRIBLE........okay you get the idea.........I get very nervous in traffic. Give me a little town, country roads......someplace i'm familiar and i do alright......but in an unknown place, lots of traffic....pulling a trailer and AND on top of that it gets dark as we are pulling into Albuquerque............Traffic, Trailer AND dark do a disaster recipe make............On top of that we come upon an accident involving several cars, a flipped semi and a camper believe me i was white knuckling it.......hubs is just passing people right and left and i'm trying to follow and i so did not want to seem the chicken shit that i'am so i just gritted my teeth and followed as best i could.....what i did not realize when i agreed to pull the trailer was.... at night (even though it has all the required lighting on it) I could not see the back end of the trailer......so when you pass someone you have to be able to tell when you are far enough ahead of them before you pull back over ..............well i almost ran a semi off the road because i pulled back over too soon and did not have clearance for the trailer...............man! that was scary. We spent the night in Albuquerque the first night and the pic above is the next morning. Do you see where that trailer is now???Yeah.......lesson learned. I tried to tell him i was okay to pull it during the day but he wasn't hearing it.............lol..............good riddance trailer......he can have it........That picture above is just outside Albuquerque where we sat for an hour waiting for them to pull a truck that got stuck in heavy sand in a construction zone.......yeah.....not a great way to start the day......got stuck along the road like that again later in the day for a semi that caught on fire. I have alot more i'd like to share .........if you don't mind me boring you with this for a few days. Hubs has alot more pics on his phone ........these are just off my camera. Jinx may not have liked the truck but he sure warmed up to the hotel rooms......He had to check out all the nooks and crannies and finally took up position in a window. Come to find out as long as he had his food bowl and water bowl and his litter box and the two people who love him dearly he was a happy kitty. Traveling with a pet was alot easier than expected. Lots of places accept pets and most were just a $10 charge. The one place that charged us $25 refunded it back to us when we checked out, that was Albuquerque. So hang on to your hat ,more installments to come. Hugs! deb


Lori said...

Safe travels!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Holy Cow! I can identify with that driving episode. I am exactly like you. ONE time I drove out of Chicago on I-94 because, let's just say, Terry was celebrating the Super Bowl 49'rs win over the Dolphins. My quarterback against his. His won. If his mouth wasn't bad enough, I had to drive in that traffic!!

But, I'm so glad you made it safe. I am eager to hear more and see more pics!
xx, Carol

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

I think you were pretty brave to even drive the trailor for one day! I would have been white knuckling it too, that's just too much. Jinx looks perfectly fine, none the worse for wear thankfully. xox

Murphy said...

I refuse to pull a trailer, even in the daylight in perfect weather. And I am a pretty good driver. I just cannot pull a trailer. So you look like a super hero to me!!

Katiejane said...

Oh, Jeez. I can hear you regarding the trailer. I'm not such a great driver either, and pulling a trailer would be a big NO for me. And the gas price! - Wow, that's a lot for gas. I packed my own boxes and paid movers to move me across town last year and that whole move was $1,000 for just one day.
I'm glad you and everything else made it in one piece and I hope you like your new home and new town.

Eileen Bergen said...

Wow, you had an eventful trip. I'm so glad you made it in one piece!

The pictures of and commentary about Jinx are precious.

I got exhausted just reading this post. lol.