Friday, July 6, 2012

MailArt Love!

This blog has been seriously lacking in ART lately! But you know you just can't share Tahoe in one posting! .......Before we get elbow deep in paint i wanted to thank everyone for your heartfelt wishes. Everyday is a little brighter as we open ourselves to the knowledge that we still carry her in our hearts and that she will always be with us. I also wanted to apologize for the 'Word Verification' i have had to add. I've started receiving waaaay too much spam. Apparently i'am on someones radar. Because i used to get only one or two a month but came home to over 100 when i got back from TX. Thats a little much.........i'm hoping it will calm down and i will take the Word Verification off after awhile.....i know what a pain it is. For those of you who still comment i cherish your comments even more!
~I've been in the recycling kick with my MailArt envelopes of late. I started out using manila folders because they are so easy to paint on but it seems so wasteful to use a brand new folder for that purpose.......This little 'masterpiece' you see here was painted on the cardboard cover of a DVD movie we bought. I opened it up......turned it inside out and PRESTO! an envelope! See where the wine bottle is coming out?? That was the hole for the bar code on the movie. The wine bottle i cut off a Trader Joe's paper bag and painted it the color i wanted. The rest i doodled and painted with acrylic and flicked paint off a toothbrush and just had fun...... This is the back........i was going for a Livermore theme..........the front for the vineyards and the back for the rolling hills........The hills have so many different textures on them. Hubby and i talk about it alot.......not sure what causes it but there are lines and scribbles in the earth all over the hills......At first we thought it was the way the cows walk on the hills but it just seems to 'perfect' for that.......the lines so evenly spaced i don't know.......we thought maybe earthquakes shifted the dirt.........even though we haven't felt any shaking going Then because everything looked TOO perfect i decided to melt the sun........this envelope was going to a friend that loves abstract so i thought if any one could appreciate that sun she could. LOL! I have more ideas for drawing the hills of Livermore so don't be surprised when you see them again. And the hills wouldn't be complete without windmills! I've seen many places where these windmills are just such eyesores.......necessary but ugly..........for some reason they really seem to fit in here. I'm sure someone who knew these hills before the windmills may not agree.......Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more MailArt! Hugs! deb


Corrine at said...

I did love the melting sun! And the sweet wind mills of Cali....sorry about the spam, thankfully I have a spam blocker set up but it is so annoying isn't it. I will fill out the word verification no problem.....xox

Eileen Bergen said...

How cute! I Love the bunches of grapes.

Eileen Bergen said...

P.S. These Captcha word verification things are actually an excellent exercise for us dyslexics.

But if they squish the letters any more tightly together, I won't have a chance! lol.