Tuesday, July 24, 2012


............they should have asked the WIFE first don't you think? I'm talking about white shirts.....my husbands uniform for work is dark blue jeans or 'Dickies' and AND a white shirt. Never never put my husband in a white shirt.............he's a 'hands on' kinda guy.....you might EXPECT him to sit behind a desk in his office BUT ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN! You should have asked THE WIFE. If one of his vehicles is not running he's gonna lift up the hood....stick his nose in there and see whats happening......its just his nature.....he has mechanics....doesn't matter......thats NOT who you hired. LOL! Poking a little fun there but seriously........how do you keep your white clothes white???I've never been very good at that. Give me a month or two and my whites start looking dingy.....no matter how hard i try. Whats your secret??? I'd love to know.......I have nightmares of my hubby standing next to the other bosses and he is obviously dingy.......such are the the nightmares of a house wife. :) I want him to sparkle and shine! These are pictures from San Francisco. Aren't they amazing?? Art everywhere in SF. And it pulls me in like a moth to flame. Hugs! deb


Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

White shirts, oh forget it!!!! He needs a mechanics apron to keep in the car with him! Great pics of the SF public art. xox

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Love the art!
Load the washer as usual with the shirts. (including soap, softner AND the directed amount of oxiclean. Boost that if you want by using laundry soap that includes Oxiclean. Boost it even more by adding a laundry soap booster with baking soda...sorry, can't think of the name. Soak it all overnight then run through the entire wash cycle. If that doesn't work..well...dingy it is. Just DON'T us bleach.

The kids socks look like they have been through mud and this method works. They are never dingy, but sometimes the ground in dirt on the bottoms can still be faintly seen.

You can use Oxiclean pre-spray on spots too.

That's my two cents.
xx, Carol

Eileen Bergen said...

Ditto on the Oxyclean. I love the stuff - if it is possible to love anything about doing laundry.

He sparkles and shines in other ways I bet, Deb.