Monday, July 16, 2012

Work In Progress (WIP)

I showed you this sketch a little while ago and i've been working on it........i think the circles and such on the tree are new since i last showed it to you AND the mushrooms which i now wish i had made a little smaller.......shoot maybe even the doorway is new........what you may have trouble seeing is the pathway leading to the doorway and the tree beyond the doorway(they are still in pencil)......but its coming along..........still an awful lot of empty space i need to fill........gonna try to continue the circles down the path i think and add a few more trees........i almost wish the dream catcher wasn't there as i would fill that area out with trees disappearing in the distance.......I have an itch to start coloring it in ..........and that keeps me pressing forward with the sketching because i KNOW i have to finish that first .......get a black and white scanned copy THEN color! Knowing that gives me the push i need to finish. I'm a terrible procrastinator with art and it runs off into other areas of my life......not a trait i'm proud of and one i try to improve on all the time.
~I hope you enjoy seeing the WIP.........I have a few stories to tell this week so you'll be hearing from me! Hugs! deb


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love this sketch. I would love to know the story it holds. I can make one up, but I'd love to hear your thoughts as you drew.
xx, Carol

Corrine at said...

This is a story sketch and I am loving all of the elements at work here. The new cooler air must be agreeing with you, and the sense of place that is so different from where you were. Looking forward to more. xox