Friday, August 10, 2012


..................I know we are far from Halloween.................and that this genre may not appeal to many but i have my nose in this book written by Mary Shelley. Do you know how many versions of this book turned movie i have watched? Tons......starting in childhood peeking out from behind the couch while my much older brothers watched them on TV. I love a good scare even to this day.
~The other day at Barnes and Noble i found this hardcover book in the $2 bin and i realized with all the movies i've watched i've never read Frankenstein the book....i try to read at least one classic a year...........and to tell you the truth i haven't liked many........i don't know what that says about me probably nothing good but there you have it.........but, BUT i'm loving this Frankenstein book! Its very descriptive but not overly so , where your like okay shut up already........and, AND its nothing like the movies i've seen........not an Igor in sight........well not yet anyway.......I think the movie that portrayed the monster the most like the book was 'Vanhelsing' . Have you seen that one?
~The monster in the book has intelligence and feelings and a sense of right and wrong......i'm at the point in the book now where he realizes he will never be accepted in human society and he craves that......he hates being he threatens Dr. Frankenstein into making him a woman just like him. Now this may sound like it contradicts what i said about his sense of right and wrong but he definitely feels like he has been wronged by Dr. Frankenstein and i find myself sympathizing with the creature more than the good Doctor.......
~ As a final note........did you know Mary Shelley kind of wrote this on a whim? She was vacationing in Switzerland with her hubby and they spent quite alot of time with Lord Byron. It was an unusually rainy summer so they spent alot of time indoors and Lord Byron suggested they each write a ghost story and then read it aloud to entertain each other.....and this is what Mary Shelley came up was originally a short story but her husband encouraged her to finish it.........Maybe you don't consider it a classic......after all perhaps it does not rank up there with Tolstoy or Walden . However it was written in the 1800's so i'm counting it! :) I highly recommend it! BOO! deb
~PS. I took the above picture in San Francisco. It is metal embedded in the sidewalk.


Corrine at said...

Cool pic! I've read lots of Tolstoy, long and hard so Frankenstein sounds good about now..... xox

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I didn't see Vanhelsing but I always associated him to Dracula. I remember seeing the old movie versions of Frankenstein and loved them. Now the Count is more my speed. I have seen just about every version of his story there is. I especially enjoyed a play of it on

I don't find the time to read much right now, though I have frequently become emersed in one book or another in the past and suspect that activity will be so in the future.

Glad you liked the original Frankie. I'm sure it was a great read.
xx, Carol

Lori said...

I love the original classic horror books. And movies. Did you ever see Nosferatu? It's really creepy!