Monday, January 7, 2013

A Little on the Morbid side......

Quick Update on this post.......I made a new post on my newly reactivated RunDebRun blog for anyone who is interested.....
Okay this is the craft project i decided not to show you over the Holidays....and maybe i should save it for a Halloween post but i'd rather stay 'in the moment' and just show you what i'm working on WHEN i'm working on it.......I wanted to start a ceramic piece and this is one of the oldest pieces i have........he's been languishing on my shelf for YEARS.........I painted him black...fully intending on dry brushing him..........lesson learned.........I do NOT have patience for dry brushing.....layer upon layer..upon get the idea........I have a new appreciation for dry brush artists and i know I'am not one!

I have to tell you this! As i was painting on about three coats of  offwhite (ivory) paint i started to feel like an archaeologist! With my little brush cleaning off all the dirt from this skull i just dug up. Weird huh?  See what a good imagination will get ya?! LOL!

THEN........i remember he had a brother! i took a class on pouring ceramics while we were stationed in Germany with the army eons ago . I then taught hubby and one year a few years ago we spent many many weekends at the craft center on the Airbase we lived close to pouring ceramics......We'd pick out the molds....get them poured and while waiting for them to dry we'd walk over to the Bowling Alley and get lunch.......did hubby fall head over heels with ceramics?? no but he is head over heels for me and it was wonderful hours spent together and his muscles where much appreciated when it came time to pour out the extra slip.

So this is where the Brother's Grimm stand now.....since i wasn't drybrushing i decided to antique.........after you get it painted the way you want you rub antiquing gel all over it them wipe it off and it stays in all the nooks and crannies.....I think i may darken it aroud the eyes some more but otherwise i'm pretty happy with it and its so nice to finally FINISH something!!!  Woohoo! 
On the house front.......still waiting for approval from the insurance company........hopefully by the end of the week something will be getting done around here........I sure am tired of having my house tore up.......i'm ready to get back to 'normal' ....whatever that may be......Hugs! deb


CraftyViolet said...

I love it! Yes, dry brushing takes a long time and quite honestly, I think antinquing was the right way to go.

Dry brushing reminds me of when I painted the Father Christmas and painting his very long beard took hours and hours. Each hair was a single stroke!

Lori said...

I hope your house is drying out now!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Any time of the year is time for skellies. I personally LOVED dry brush when I did ceramics. I did them for years when Terry was an over the road truck driver. I have always loved tedious crafting. I used to crochet doilies all the time. We each have our levels of gratification, don't we.

Sorry your house is still tore up. Bummer.
x, Carol

Corrine at said...

Glad you are drying out, even it it is slowly....Skulls are not my thing, but you do it well Deb, you do it well. I do like the antiquing....xox