Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Head .............

.............was in the clouds yesterday.......literally.....Yesterday the clouds covered the top of Mount Diablo and to think i was climbing up there was totall and utterly COOL! If you click on the picture I put a link so you can go to the State Park website which has more photos. This picture came from their website. I lamented the fact i did not bring my camera the WHOLE way up as it was so beautiful. 

The entry fee is $10 which is one of the higher fees i've ever paid to enter a State Park. However everything does seem well maintained. They have picnic areas and camping $30 a night. I did not camp ...maybe next time... I had a hard time finding a parking spot as there was no 'parking lot' except at the very top. Which made no sense to me......none of the various Trail Heads had parking spaces. I flagged down a park ranger and she told me to park where ever there was room and just leave the permit tag in the window. 

Problem solved......I wore my very serious looking fanny pack (lol) my hubby bought me last year that has not had near enough use and loaded it up with two water bottles and some fiber bars and Cutie oranges and fueled by an earlier cup of Starbucks off i went on the Summit Trail. I did not start from the bottom of the mountain....No siree........thats a 'little' beyond my current ability.....But started a little over a thousand feet from the summit. 

It was HARD! I will not lie......though perhaps it was SO difficult because of my out of shapeness but where i lacked in fitness i more than made up for in determination. I WAS going to get to the top. Sometimes i only went 20-30 feet before i had to stop and rest but little by little i conquered the mountain. The views on the way up and at the top are incredible. They say on  a clear day you can see Golden Gate Bridge....but not this day.  There is a little museum and gift shop at the top. Where i bought my well earned Mt. Diablo Pin to add to my collection.  Hubby got a walking stick with a face carved in it.

We didn't see much wildlife except a ground squirrel and a couple ravens. But the wildflowers were out and gorgeous and some can only be found on Mt. Diablo.  The trails are very well marked. One piece of advice absolutely NO attention to the mileage signs.......they LIE.....From where i started it said 1.96 miles to the Summit........Bull........maybe as the crow flies.......that hike to the top felt easily double a very steep incline on a tricky rock strewn path. Sometimes you felt you took three steps forward and one step really have to watch your footing......especially on the way down.......had a few near misses of landing on my butt .....hubby too......but it was all good fun and we could laugh about it cause nobody actually ended up on their butt. :)
Wish i had more pictures......sigh......If you in the area its definitely, definitely worth a visit! Hugs! deb


Corrine at said...

As long as no mountain lions came to visit on the trail....I bet the wild flowers were beautiful. xox

Eileen Bergen said...

"It was HARD!"

Now you know why they don't provide parking at the bottom. No one except maybe Sir Edward Hillary, would ever reach the top to enjoy the beautiful views!

What are Cutie oranges? Are they just extra-attractive or what?