Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sometimes the Unexpected Detour......

............becomes the best part of the journey.....Early Saturday morning we took off on a trip to Point Reyes National Seashore. Well let me tell you GETTING THERE was half the fun. :) It began with forgetting our maps at home and the fact that the map system on hubby's phone is not that reliable....shoot the whole phone is not that reliable..... :) So after wandering lost in San Francisco for awhile we finally find our way out and headed in the right direction....when we come across the sign for Muir Beach.. If you've been reading this blog for awhile you know we have made a few trips to Muir Woods but this is a first for the beach.....Hubby asked if i wanted to stop and i told him OFCOURSE.....remember its about the journey not the destination! Yes, have pity on him i really do say tacky things like So thats Muir Beach in the photo up above. Isn't it lovely?Mussels clung to every available surface.

I'am totally in LOVE with the rugged beaches here in Northern CA. They are so full of life.....And although i have been to many beaches in my life (FLA and TX) i find its these CA beaches that have my heart.....This may seem like small potatoes to anyone who has experienced these type of beaches all their life but i have NEVER seen a starfish in its environment before. It was AMAZING. I've seen them on Aquariums and dead in the craft stores but never like this!  

..........and once you see one you start seeing MORE! Oranges and Purples...amazing! 

We touched it! Yes .. i KNOW....but we was bumpy and stiff
and cold....they were clinging for dear life to the rocks. The tide was on its way in so we did not hang around too long. We spied this little guy below.......

.........He was tucked in a hole until we coaxed (annoyed) him enough to come out and fingers were lost in the process....I have one more thing to show you from Muir Beach but it is so incredibly cool (at least in my book) that it deserves a post all its own! 

***Thank you for all the kind words on hubby's bookshelf.  I let him read them and it made him smile! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Hugs! deb


CraftyViolet said...

I love the ocean too! Great photos of the starfish. Glad to hear someone makes trips like we do. It once took us over 8 hours to make a 3-1/2 hr trip because we would see a sign indicating something and off we would go to it. It's the only way to travel!

Corrine at said...

Marvelous sea views and critter.....a bit too cold for the ocean yet but will be tide pooling in July? xox