Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sometimes i Forget....... important nature is to the well-being of my spirit...These days i spend so much of my time 'in town', 'in city' whether i'm walking in my neighborhood or biking or shopping...I LIVE 'in city' these days.....In my old home in TX i lived 'in the country'..walked in the country, biked in the country and went 'to town' to shop. 

........this past week i managed to get my little fanny up and out the door with hubby at 4:30am to spend the day at his work......which to be honest is a GORGEOUS place to have to work. :) (Especially since i don't have to deal with the work stress he does) You've seen the pictures if you've been following for long. If not click here .

As soon as i arrived , opened the car door, breathed in the cool morning air i could feel the stress fall away from me.....stress i didn't even know i'd been shoulders relaxed.....shoulders i didn't even know were tight....I smiled at the deer and turkey milling around , not scared of us at all.  I spent the day helping hubby with a few tedious tasks he'd been straightening and updating his magnetic board of all the vehicles he's responsible for. And it felt good to know i took a little weight off his mind.....I read awhile.......picked up turkey feathers.....colored on my picture a while.....took a few walks......definitely something i'm going to continue to do. Don't forget to take care of your spirit like you take care of everything and everyone else....... 

Here's a project i've been working on. I'm not sure if you'll see the finished product or not. I thought i had the perfect glue but i've had some trouble with the glass gems popping off. I'm using a glue that says for glass and its weatherproof because these are going i don't know...we'll see......If it all comes together i'll show how i did it.......Or better yet you can go here to the blog of Kathewithane which is where this idea was born. I didn't use the same glue that she used......probably my first mistake.....but since my glue said 'for glass' and 'weatherproof' i thought it would be okay......we'll see.....I still love this idea and if need be i  will go get the right glue! Hugs! deb


Corrine at said...

that's why I love living in the country but being near the city! Get to walk in pastures and woods every morning.....xox

Wendy said...

Your project is gorgeous so far. I hope the glue works well for you. Wendy

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love this project. I pinned it so I can try it myself for the pond area.

I'm glad you got to recharge. I live in a rural area that has grown up with a subdivision down the road. We have about a 1/2 acre that is privacy fenced. Though I grew up in the city and love to visit Chicago, I relish my quiet back yard which is really a wildlife haven.
xx, Carol

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I came by to thank you for visiting, then stayed to catch up. You should NEVER leave links!! I have been here over an hour. Truth be told, nearly an hour and a half, catching up on your blog and all your adventures since you left Texas with Jinx in tow (OOPS, that maybe should have read TRAILER in tow-grin).

Then I visited Kathe with an E and saw what she used. I would use E-6000. It's my go-to glue/adhesive for projects like this. I hope your project turns out, because I like how you started it.

Again, thanks so much for visiting, and I'm all caught up on your blog (grin). BTW, loved your trips to SF and your mail art.

Kathe said...

We are soon to move a bit farther out from the city. I cannot wait! What sold me on the house was how quiet it was there. Quiet is good for the soul :-) I am so happy I inspired you Deb! I hope the glue you are using works out for you! Be sure to come by and share it at the party tonight too!!

Eileen Bergen said...

Beautiful thoughts, Deb. My shoulders have been very tight lately. Maybe I need some "me" time.

As for the glass glue, have you visited Cherie Blogs?

She creates garden sculptures from all sorts of vintage glass items. Cherie shared one in our <a href=">Saturday Link Roundup</a>.

Her sculptures weather outdoors all year in Wisconsin! I think she uses E6000 too.

Eileen Bergen said...

Oops. Sorry about the way the link showed there.

Just copy and paste this part: