Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day!!!!

                Have You Thanked




I have.......and now after sleeping in and a nice bacony (is that  a word?) breakfast he is out in his 'shop'(read garage) fiddling around.....its a good thing....something he doesn't do enough of anymore... I know its difficult for him to content himself with the garage when the shop he had in TX was as big as the house......but he's coming around .... slowly but surely ..... I've come up with several 'honey dos' for him to do using his tools....a reason to get out there... He turns the music on out there and piddles around...... gets his mind off work ...... which is so hard for him to do.. 

Me? I'm using the dishwasher today.......!!!  You may not think that's a momentous occasion but this is the first time i've ever owned one. Since we moved in over a year ago i let it go thru a cycle once a month just to keep it running ..... things that sit idle don't do well ....... I usually run it empty....well this time i put dishes in it!  Trust me its not that i 'am in love with hand washing dishes...... i think i just feel the dishwasher won't get them clean enough..... go figure....

Well with the dishwasher doing my dish job today i'm going to go play in the craft room! Ta Ta!!! Hugs! deb 

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Eileen Bergen said...

OMGosh, Deb. With the super-heated water, dishwashers get the dishes more sanitary than you ever could by hand.

They also use less water. Where do you live? Oh, I remember, California - where water is scarcer than hen's teeth.

Despite what the manufactireres tell you, I find I need to remove all food bits before loading dishes in. Maybe that's becasue - with only 2 of us - I wait until the machine is full (3 or 4 days) before running it.