Monday, May 12, 2014

Hello There Beautiful............. took a week but i finally had a little visitor........ I THINK he is a Purple-headed Finch but i'm not really sure. Its really not a very good photo as it was almost dusk when i noticed him in there. I very nearly jumped for joy...but i contained myself... a little...... This was taken Saturday evening i believe and since then the word has spread.  Most are these purple guys and a few house wrens i think and i had one larger bird with blue on him..... I'm not sure if its  a blue bird or a type of jay...... scrub jay maybe? Anyway you know the saying 'If you build it they will come......' And they have! 

Did you have a fab Mother's Day weekend?? Hubs and i took off on another adventure.....this one not too far from the house... We never have explored some of the little towns near us.  We were out the door early Saturday morning with no clear plan...... don't you just love those kind of adventures........ Just see what the day holds...... Driving thru orchard after orchard...... olive trees and almond trees turned into a bazillion cherry trees all heavy with cherries...... 

A stop at a fruit stand to load up on cherries and peaches for the road.... A yard sale beckoned and then another........Scored some enamel paints for painting on tile and glass......never tried that and now i get to try for  $5... A huge HUGE pottery place......must have been lost in there for over an hour.... walked out with an adorable clay cat and a Sun hugging a Moon wall plaque. 

Came across a cheese factory.....cheeeessseeee.....The only type they made was Gouda..... Hubby and i both agree we have never had Gouda before. Must. try. Gouda....All different kinds of flavored Gouda. Lunch was a grilled ham and gouda sandwich sitting on a picnic bench tossing bread crusts into the Koi Pond. Beautiful sunny day, where the sun warms your back and a cool breeze blowing thru the trees keeps you from getting hot. 

Note to self........Be sure not to wait so long between adventures! 
Hugs! deb


Carol- Beads and Birds said... Purple Finch leads to another!! Gouda Cheese...yum. The first time I had Gouda was on our honeymoon at Niagra Falls in Canada. The Gouda was fresh, never refrigerated. It was heaven. It changes when it's refrigerated. Still good buy not quite the same.

I need an adventure. (and a dog sitter!)
xx, Carol

CraftyViolet said...

We enjoy the purple finches here too. Glad the birds are coming for you.
You and hubby had a great trip. We love those too. We spent Mother's Day bird watching. Our daughters know they can "honour" me on any day, but May is for bird watching. They call and text of course so that is nice.

More thunderstorms predicted here in Ontario today so bird watching will be limited. Darn.

Lori said...

I have always called those house finches and they are beautiful! We get a lot of them around here.