Monday, July 28, 2014

Flew the Coop!

Hubby has enjoyed keeping an eye on these swallows this summer... Every few days he'll snap a pic with his phone. The nest is right outside the door to where he works. He tells me there are 4 in there. Its a wonder they all fit! 

This one was taken Thurs last week and by Friday they were gone. Poof!  I just love swallows don't you? And Purple Martins too, they remind me of swallows...... i love to watch them dip and dive catching bugs... what acrobats they are! 

Jinx wanted you to know he had his summer bath yesterday. He was such a good boy.... I turned the water on in the tub and he came a runnin'! You would think i opened a can of tuna. Never seen a cat fascinated with water like him.  He came in the bathroom ...sat down and to say 'Okay i'm ready!'  I turn the water off, pick him up and set him gently down in the water and i can feel his whole body relax and he's like a ragdoll and i can do what i want with him....crazy right?! I talk all kind of nonsense to him so he can hear the sound of my voice...'Your such a GOOD boy.....What a big boy you are.....Look at my little man he's such a big brave boy...."  Yeah any one hearing me would think i had a screw loose.....

So i use a cup and get him all wet then add the kitty shampoo and he raises his tail and arches his back while i rub it all in..... He begins to lose his patience while i'm rinsing him though so i go as quickly as i can.......wrap him up in a big towel like a baby and carry him downstairs to Hubby  who dries him and sympathizes with him while Jinx meows the whole time telling him what that mean old lady did to him...... yeah he milks it for all its worth....For some reason he thinks he's entitled to more treats that day too... lolHugs! deb 


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have to admit, I think Jinx has a screw loose. I talk to Bleubeard, but he HaTeS water. Fought me tooth and nail (mostly his long nails) when I got him wet to bathe him using a flea soap the vet sold me. You are really lucky.

You asked about PIF. I should edit the post and add that PIF stands for Pay it Forward. In other words, the person next on the list gets an ATC from you and you get one from the person whose name is listed before yours. Sorry. I guess I thought people could read my mind (grin).

CraftyViolet said...

I thought all cats hated water too. I don't have any myself so I've never had to bathe one.

We have a lot of swallows and purple martins here too. Lovely birds.

Victoria said...

Those swallows are so cute!

What a super-good kitty Jinx is...all of my cats that I have now hate the water. Years ago I had an adorable tortise shell kitty named Emily and she would actually get in the shower with me. And Jinx is so handsome! Give him a hug for me.



Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Cool Cat!!Let me tell you about Tyson. He hates water so much that if he happens to be outside when a few raindrops fall, when he comes in he sits and licks his whole body until he gets them all off ~lol~

We are waiting for our 3rd bluebird brood to leave the nest. Of course, that's where I want to weed!
xx, Carol

Denise said...

We have lots of swallows in Rancho Cucamunga and I do like watching them soar.They look like dive bomber's,tiny jets.Funny,I've never heard of a cat excited to take a bath.Lucky ladies to win You'r pretty art-Hugs Denise

gamma3 said...

if i were jinx, i would milk it for all i could. how often does any one get that kind of attention. you are such a good mommy and daddy. but i guess he is a good baby too. another great drawing. see ya soon!

Jeanne said...

Don't think I have ever seen a cat that enjoys a bath before. Pretty amazing!