Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Week That Was...........

I'm a little late to the party my T stands for Tuesday Tea People... but truly after you see the week i've had its a wonder i'm even here and not lying in a puddle of exhaustion somewhere.... lol ..  After a 'gentle nudge' from our gracious host this week to post a tea / coffee/ cup/ pot related item i thought i'd take a photo of my coffee cabinet... You know even if the house is a mess and under construction, if i have my 'Coffee Zone' then somehow i'm grounded and i'm okay...lol.. Think i have enough coffee cups??? I'll bet i could have everyone over for tea and coffee! What do you think...which cup do you want??? :)

This week has consisted of mowing and picking up limbs and weedeating.....because even though we are under construction the grass does grow and the normal every day things need to be done...And YES thats ME on the mower....don't judge the hat....I HATE hats but i hate sunburn and ticks in my hair worse...so... I wear the hat and hope no ones looking... I'am out in the boonies after all........:) 

I have scraped the popcorn off the ceiling in two bedrooms and a hallway.... let me tell you i have the technique DOWN!! It comes off like buttah! One trick i will tell you....... There are contraptions at the hardware store that are specifically made to do this...you put it on a pole... like a broom stick and it has a place for you to attach a small garbage bag...that theoretically will catch the popcorn as it falls.........Well let me tell you there is a learning curve to using this convoluted contraption.... you have to figure out the angle so it will glide across and then the bag is hanging in your way so its difficult to judge your angle.... and truth be told that bag only catches about 20% of the mess....so IMHO don't waste your money... Instead ...lay your tarps or plastic out get a ladder and a just a hand scraper... Mine is about 10 - 12 inches wide and just go at it... Spraying a little water on the popcorn and giving it a minute to set helps to keep the dust down..... I did one room a day...mainly cause my arm was give out... lol  Seriously though this is a really easy project and one i'm so glad i took on...... 

HI Hubby!!! We also pulled out the old insulation which was rock wool and put in new fiberglass insulation and then a vapor barrier , next step is sheetrock...woohoo!! You know i listed all that stuff and it doesn't sound like much......... but it consisted of so much more.... pull off the old sheetrock and carry it out to the trailer.. pull all the old nails...pull out old insulation... carry out to trailer...carry in rolls of new insulation.... put in walls... staple into place... go around with hammer and tap in all the staples that didn't go in all the way...uugh... Measure out and put up 4 mil vapor barrier ( plastic) ... staple in on... tap in all the staples ...again... then even though your tired  pull out the vacuum cleaner and clean up all the mess  because... you know... we have to live here... lol  there that sounds better.... a more accurate description....i'm tired just typing it...

Another project this week..........  This is a 1970 version of where to put your air condition/ heating ducting...... .. Under the window so the curtains cover it up............so i'm heating or cooling ...the window...???

So this is all thru out the house...sigh... Soooo while we have the ceiling tore out from downstairs its the perfect time to do something about it... really the only time ... so even though it slows down our completion time its something that needs to be done..........

See what we found when we took the ceiling out downstairs... none of the ducting was insulated! You can see the one we did... Let me tell you don't tackle that unless u have tons of patience.. LOL! The fiberglass that is inside that silver stuff is loose and just slides around..so you think all you have to do is slide this insulated tube on but NOOooo it just wads up and bunches grrrrr.... so ... You have to wrap the fiberglass around first ... tape it...then slip on the silver stuff .. tape it... Put the pipes back together ..... trust me one side will fall off while your putting the other side on grrrr... And finally i hold it up there while hubby puts on that hanger strap you see in the photo to hold the whole thing up... yeah... my shoulders and arms will never be the same... :)  And we only have a ton more to do.........

And finally the new register...... Now don't judge the color yet..this is the old carpet and i'm betting our new carpet will be darker...... :)

And finally we'll end with our trip to the dump today......OMGosh does it ever stink........the hotter it gets the stinkier it gets!  But you know i always come away from the dump rather sad....... all that trash...... I don't think i could take a photo that would show you the massive amount of trash...... Sure you could see the area but then you have to multiply that by however many feet it goes down... Its just humbling..... and sad...... The sad comes from how many still usable or recyclable things i see...... the plastic bottles and cans etc... not to mention the good wood and old red brick etc... Your not allowed more than 6 ft from your vehicle for safety reasons because of all the bulldozers and cranes etc.. running around but we did manage to snag a practically brand new heavy duty wheelbarrow!  And i grabbed something else i'll show you at a later date...... :)  Dumpster diving at the dump!!  :)  I apologize for the extra long post ....... I know the Tea  Party People have places to go... but its been awhile since i had a house post and i thought you might like to see whats going on! I can't quite see the light at the end of the tunnel yet but we are making tons of progress!! I'm so glad you popped by for a visit!!! Hugs! deb


Victoria said...

I like your hat! Looks like the house is coming along really well, I can't wait to see the photos when it's done. Being a major "mugaholic" myself, I couldn't pick just one, I like all of them, lol.

Blessings, Victoria

Linda Kunsman said...

I commend you both for taking on and tackling all the work as brilliantly as you do!! My hubby is the one who knows all about these things but neither of us could EVER see us working together at this time in our lives doing even half what you guys are doing. Yes-what is it about vents below windows anyway???? The way you are going it won't be so long before you can kick back and really enjoy! Happy T day and thanks for sharing your daring adventure.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wow,I thought I tackled a hard project when I refinished our kitchen cabinets, but you have me way beat. I am super impressed! With Autumn not far away, I bet you are working hard to get everything insulated. I'd love a cup of tea in the cactus mug!

Divers and Sundry said...

I _hate_ my 70s-era popcorn ceilings, and you make it sound so easy to get rid of.... but no, I won't yield to this temptation. I'd make a right disaster of it I know lol

I like your mug selection. You're rather spoiled for choice. :)

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

You have been so busy. I never could understand why the vents are under the window too. I will take the cafe mug for my coffee and I too have alot of cups and still getting more when I see one I like.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your host is quite late visiting, mainly because I wore myself out by working all day, then walking for miles and miles around the zoo in the evening. Yep, second week in a row we got in free. I want to drink out of the kokopeli cup. It's my FAVORITE.

Wish I had your mower. Mine is manual. Not quite THAT manual, at least it has a motor, but it still must be pushed and the grass has really grown in a little over a week.

Sounds like you have really gotten a LOT accomplished. It took me two days to remove the popcorn from my kitchen. I swore I would NEVER do another one. I just sprayed water on the mess, waited, then scraped. I was sore, too, but I stood on a chair and my arms barely reached the ceiling. In fact, I was on tip toes part of the time. Didn't have any fancy gismos, only plastic drop cloth and a 5 in 1 scraper. I applaud YOU.

My grandfather used to take trash to the dump and my grandmother always said he took one bag and came back with five. Now you know where I get my dumpster addiction.

Thanks for sharing your coffee cup collection with us for T this week. Again, so sorry I'm late visiting.

kathyinozarks said...

good morning, I have never lived in place where you could just go to a dump like that-must save you allot of money and also figuring out how to dispose of everything.
and it is so wonderful your husband is still able to do all this hard work-and you as well-you will both love your new home upon completion!
I need to get myself motivated to see what I can do here-as nothing is getting finished-sigh. the high humidity as really got to me this summer so I am basicly doing a little canning and practicing my spinning

kathyinozarks said...

oh and I Love your mermaid pottery cup on the second shelf-

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGosh I have so many mugs I have had to store them away. I have collected mugs all my life. Terry's favorite is a rooster that he washes himself and puts it away. Doesn't want to take a change of breaking it in the dish water.

I have gone through every single thing you describe at one time or another in our life. We have moved walls to make our living room and bedroom bigger. Made our bathroom larger by combining it with a small bedroom. i had that sand paint on my ceiling AND walls in one house. We just dry walled over it. Sometimes I'm kind of glad that Terry is not up to that kind of work anymore. He always comes up with these elaborate out of reach plans and I have to bring him back to financial and time element reality.

Your house will be great when you are done....THEN you can retire, lol.
xx, Carol

Dianne said...

wowser! I am tired just reading about this...but you are surely making progress...good luck!

Ariel said...

Sorry for a late visit from T for Tuesday Oh my goodness that's a lot of work! I am surprised to see how you both are able to tackle all these challenges by yourselves.
Have a great week

Ariel said...

Sorry for a late visit from T for Tuesday Oh my goodness that's a lot of work! I am surprised to see how you both are able to tackle all these challenges by yourselves.
Have a great week

Ariel said...

Sorry for a late visit from T for Tuesday Oh my goodness that's a lot of work! I am surprised to see how you both are able to tackle all these challenges by yourselves.
Have a great week

CraftyViolet said...

You and your hubby should be proud of all the work you've done! That house is going to be awesome when you're finished.

Good job grabbing the wheelbarrow. Why, or why, do people not recycle?...sell or even give away items they no longer need. Annoying!

Love your mugs. My hubby would take the rooster mug but I would grab the kokopelli!

Good for you for wearing a hat. Joe laughs at some of mine but I don't care. I don't want ticks falling from the trees onto me either.

Bridget Larsen said...

May I ask what popcorn is doing on your ceiling lol. The building is coming along really well, cant wait to see the final results

~*~Patty S said...

You two are fearless and getting so much accomplished.
I salute you!
That is a fine cup collection...it would be hard to pick one favorite ;-)
Happy T Day to you Deb
Thanks for your visit to my Magpie's Nest along with your sweet comment.

Krisha said...

Hi Deb! Yes it was a great vacation and there is still sand somewhere...LOL

I DID receive your fairy and I love her, so do the girls. I think they commented on every aspect of that PC!! Thank you, I now have her propped up on Betsy, waiting for a permanent home.....and maybe a frame.

What a lot of work the two of you have been doing, I'm pooped just reading about it!! Years ago I might have attempted something like that, but now I want turn-key ready......if we don't build. Yes, hats are very important in tick areas.....hate those things, used to get them as a kid in ND. It meant a trip down to the next farm, where the lady would burn a match, blow it out then touch the tick and it would unscrew out of my head......YUCK!! Not one of my best memories....LOL

The GDs and I haven't gotten too far into the water color medium yet, that is one of the things still on my list, plus collage and some tube acrylic paintings, a dream catcher and more things than I have time to cover......only a couple more weeks before school starts....that's only 4 more days......hmmmmmmm! Going to have to sit down and make some kind of schedule eh?

Thanks for coming to Tea, the girls will read the comments this next Monday.....no more putting ideas into their heads!!! LOL

Carol said...

OH Deb!!!! I so feel your pain ♥ Remodeling is so much hard work and at such awkward angles and positions. Your body screams from muscles you didn't even know you had that are hurting. It will be beautiful when it's done. I love going to the dump to salvage too. It blows me away at whet people will throw out. And by the way you should see the big ole floppy hat I wear when mowing and working outside in the sun ... It's a monster along with being UGLY!

Karla B said...

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It's scaring but ordinary here.