Saturday, June 17, 2017

T stands for SummerTime SummerTime....

Happy T day everybody!!! I looked out my window the other day and what a photo op! A deer, squirrels and if you look close on the bird feeder there are a couple woodpeckers up there... all close enough to each other to fit in one photo.. :)  

 This is what was on the feeder... A red bellied woodpecker feeding its young.. I had never seen that before... so cool...

We are two and two with the watermelons this year... lol  We picked two good ones and two not so good ones...  but the animals are in heaven with the

 It may not be pretty but the squirrels have been successfully thwarted from getting in the feeder... but that doesn't stop them from occasionally trying... thats a metal pole and they will still try to chew on it.. We had 12 in our yard at once the other day... About another month and they will all disappear...poof... The pinecones will ripen and they will be eating and collecting them up for winter and we will hardly see a squirrel for months... then sometime in the Fall they will pop back in......

This little guy is a chipmunk... he's a recent addition to the menagerie that visit...

A few turtles have been showing up in the yard.. coming up from the lake... not sure what they find so desirable in my yard... i worry about them crossing the road...  Hubby and i had a laugh at the thought of attaching a gps to each one to see where they

A handful of deer come by to eat when i put food out... shoot they come by anyway HOPING i'll put food They haven't brought the fawns around yet... They usually don't until they are a few months old... Other deer can be kind of rough so they keep them off to themselves for awhile...

Above is my birthday present from hubby... Ancestry DNA test!! I have been wanting to do this forever!!If your interested i'll post the results... They say 6-8 weeks for the results.. I'm so curious! I've been told on one side of my family is German, Swedish and Dutch and on the other side all i know is the story that we have a drop of Indian blood  Lenni Lenape Delaware Indian... but I know nothing else... Has anyone else done this?? 

I do apologize for recycling a tea picture.... I didn't have one handy when i decided to do this post...  But i like this one... i enjoy fiddling with vignettes ... with color and light.. I hope to get back to that one day.. I hope you've had a good week my T people.. I'm so glad to have you visit... Big hugs! deb 


Rita said...

Great photos!! You thwarted the squirrels, too--LOL!

I have not done the DNA test but I know somebody who sent them off for her and her mom a while ago. I'm curious as to what they tell you about yourself? :)

CraftyViolet said...

I recently did the 23andME DNA test - thanks to my cousin who gifted me with it - but it only does the mother's side. According to my results my DNA is in the 'unique' category - what a surprise! I am mostly European - British/Irish/French/German and more plus 7.5% North American Indian and a wee bit of West African. Chief Joseph Brant of the Six Nations...who I am supposed to be somewhat related too (My maternal Grandmother was a Brant.... actually encouraged the black slaves that made it to Canada to marry the members of his tribe so I'm not the least bit surprised by this one. It's quite interesting. Only my brothers can get the father's side DNA and so far they are not interested. Darn.

kathyinozarks said...

I have always considered the dna test I know I have German and English roots but there could be some native american as well--last christmas they had the price at a good bargain, but one also needs to join as well to really do more research--I may still do it. we have a friend that talked me out of it last year-says what do they do with all this information besides sharing it with you and ancestery? at my age don't think much bad could be done lol he is afraid of the govt and all that.
I usually don't put corn or food out during the summer mostly cause the squirrels eat most of it-and you are right the animals love watermelon also any fresh fruits The fox especially love the fruits. and corn on the cob too. Larry keeps seeing a fawn in the woods when he drives up and down our long driveway-I haven't seen one yet--I have had allot of damage with the deer coming in at night bothering or eating my plants lol sorry for such a long post-lol Kathy

My name is Erika. said...

That is quote the photo op! Nice. If you wanted that it wouldn't happen. And I did the DNA test as I got it for a Christmas gift. I know some other people who have. Yes, seems everyone has some surprises they didn't expect because we know our heritage from our recent relatives but the DNA goes further back, beyond what many of our relatives actually remember or knew about their relatives.And keep in mind you don't get all your parents DNA and you can get more of one grandparents than another-which is what I discovered. Mine mostly came out as I knew, but there were also some surprises that have changed what I knew. Its well worth it. Can't wait until you know. Hugs-Erika

Krisha said...

Such a wonderland of animals....and all in YOUR yard!!!
We are still packing it all up :(( and it has gotten HOT(105' today....hotter tomorrow) so makes everything feel like we are in slow motion...or maybe that's because we Are, at our age....LOL!!! House goes into escrow tomorrow, contingent on the buyer qualifying for the solar lease.....which should be no we are on the hunt for a place to rent short term. AAAHHHHH! such is life....LOL!!
Miss all you guys in blogland, can't wait to get back to joining the fun and having tons of creative time.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Love the animal visits, but they drive my Boxer nuts in the middle of the night. He's my critter watcher. The Boxer Pit is my people watcher...beware trespassers. I never really gave any thought to doing the DNA test. I'm pretty sure I am of Polish descent, or another country near Poland as their borders changed somewhat during the wars. I must admit Terry's would be interesting though, as his Grandmother was an Indian, though I don't know what tribe. I'll be interested to know what you find out.
xx, Carol

Linda Kunsman said...

oh how really wonderful to have so many creatures in your back yard! Love em all-even the baby squirrels are fun- but only in the beginning. And it IS an endless pursuit trying to keep them at bay and away from feeders.
How cool to get the DNA test!!!! SO interested as I have been wanting to do it myself-either thru Ancestry or 23 and Me. Mostly because I have always been asked where did I come from as the only fair haired blue/green eyed family member-not to mention not being anything like them either. Always told I was mostly French(and of course I LOVE my native country) with a bit of Swedish but I have such a deep affinity for Ireland, England and Scotland that I just wonder...
Looking forward to hearing your results and thoughts about it all. Happy T day!

Valerie-Jael said...

How exciting to have all those wonderful visitors in your back yard, wow! My fave is the photo of the woodpecker feeding its young, fantastic. I would love to know how the DNS testing goes out. Have a great day, and keep watching your yard! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What an amazing shot of the deer, squirrels, and woodpeckers. I was in awe. Glad the squirrels have been corralled for awhile. They are crafty little buggers, and will probably find a way around your setup one of these days. You are so lucky to have them right outside your front yard.

I attended a genealogy lecture back in April. The woman said if we really wanted to know our DNA, we should invest in all three tests. Besides Ancestry, there is 23 and Me, and National Geographic. Of course, it all boils down to what you are looking for. Each company has its own methods, algorithms, and data, and the reports can differ a bit. I look forward to seeing your results.

Thanks for sharing your lovely critters that visit, along with your DNA test, and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

Meggymay said...

Wonderful photos, I would be watching those animals for ages, you are lucky to have so many visiting you.
I really liked the squirrel barrier. I hope it keeps working.
Interesting times finding out your ancestry, look forward to hearing aahow it works out for you.
Happy T day.
Yvonne xx

Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, you've had a lot of wonderful visitors to your garden this summertime! It must be amazing to have deer on your lawns and beautiful woodpeckers visiting your bird table 😀. I smiled about putting GPS on the turtles too ... lol 😁. Wishing you the happiest of T Days! J 😊

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Great photos. Wow, your menagerie is growing! You're lucky the bird feeder is the only problem you've had with the squirrels. I never knew they could be so destructive until this past year.

First they nested in my car. The only damage that time was they pulled down all the insulation from the hood, but we don't need that in this climate. Last Christmas they had nested in our patio roof and we had to take the roof off to get rid of them and seal any gaps.

Guess what. They're back. It seems they can dig out the concrete plugs. They may also be lifting the roof tiles and getting in that way.

Then they got back in the cars. They ate the cables in my car and caused a short in the electrical system. That was a pricey repair. They got under the hood of hubby's car too, but we found the signs before damage was done.

Our new routine is to check under the hoods every Sunday. Pull out any nests and crap - sheesh. For the roof, we see no other option than poison pellets. The gardeners now go up on the roof once a week to check for holes and other signs. If the pellets have been taken, they put more up there.

The neighborhood is just overrun with squirrels. I don't know what brought the population boom or drove them here, but we're not squirrel fans these days ;-)

Happy T-day, Deb! Hugs, Eileen

johanna said...

i wish i had your wildlife around. one creature better than the other. so far i had never Trouble with squirrels, so for me they are just beautiful... (well, i know, there can be an other site...)
happy t-day!

Dianne said...

quite the zoo at your house! fun photos of charming wildlife. the obstructions to thwart the squirrels made me smile...they are greedy creatures! I was fascinated to hear about the drop of Lenni Lenape blood...will be interesting to see if it shows up in the test. Seems that lots of folks aren't even aware of that tribe, and the only reason I am is that when my son was a Boy Scout it was the Native American tribe that the boys studied in our area of Ohio. What a fun gift! Happy T day!

Divers and Sundry said...

I love the turtles! Here in our townhouse we don't ever get turtles (or deer, obviously), but we get lots of chipmunk traffic. We've also started seeing the red-bellied woodpeckers since we changed the type of suet in our feeder. I admire your squirrel solution.

Happy T Tuesday!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

I love that photos Deb! So so fabulous!!!
Thanks for sharing! Even turtles - I so so love them - what a fantastic place where you live. Good idea with the gps-lol. would be intersting !
How cool to get the DNA test!
I heard the first time of it on Erika's blog and find that so very interesting!
I don't mind our squirrels - I feed all my visitors - just now the new birdies are so so hungry --love to feed them the whole year long.
Happy belated T-Day Deb!
oxo Susi

Happy belated T-Day

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh My! What a treat - especially the woodpeckers! I will look out for the results of the DNA test - I have never heard of that! Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx

Lisca Meijer said...

Wow! What a great photo! All those lovely creatures!
I'm glad you managed finally to keep the squirrels of your bird feeder.They are really a pest.
You must be so excited to have your DNA done! I'd love to have mine done as my family on mum's side are all so dark haired and olive skinned, I'm curious to know where that comes from. I have to enquire. I would have to become a member of Ancestry too which makes it more expensive again.(and I have no important birthdays coming up...sigh)
Sorry I'm late commenting at the T-party.
A belated happy T-Day and have a good week,

roth phallyka said...

Only my brothers can get the father's side DNA and so far they are not interested.

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