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Monday, April 23, 2018

In The Spirit of........

.......Earth Day........ Hubby made a birdhouse from leftover bits and bobs of our house redo.. The roof is those leftover slats from installing blinds... what do you do with those??? And the wood is left over from construction on the house..... We have so much wood leftover... that pole on top... was the bannister that went up the stairs .... don't ask me.. totally hub's design.. I think it gives it a rather Swedish flair.. but i could be wrong... lol 

Hub's design right down to the colors.. :)  Pretty bright for a man that screamed at my bedroom  But honestly i'm just tickled to death to see his creativity come out.. to just let loose and play in his shop.... to immerse himself in a personal project.. He does so much for others and works on the house that rarely does he do something just for his pleasure..  Pssst... the bottom opens up so you can clean it out.. 

Have i showed you the wooden snake i picked up at an Estate Auction for $4??? Oh what a hideous paint job..imho... I sanded off the shine... i swear i think it was enamel because that paint wasn't moving much...

Then i had the idea of using Air Dry Clay to cover him... I have never played with this clay before so there was a slight learning curve.. and i didn't know how much it would shrink..(not much)  But all in all he came out good... 

There ... can you see the texture better?  I used an old flourescent light cover to put texture in the clay.. And the best part.. i didn't have to bake the clay which i was trying to avoid..  Now i plan on finishing him in the Steam Punk style with gears and keys.. I'm having some trouble finding molds for that as i'd like to make them out of clay so i can mold them to the curves of his body.. I think it would look more realistic and natural that way.. I may make my own  molds out of gears and keys i have.. Hmm.. never tried that either.. 

Go Deb Go!!! Almost there!! lol 

Hubs hat rack i've woodburned.. That was all i was going to do and then stain it.. but now i've had the brilliant idea that i might like leaves around the edges.... So i have a practice board there you can see in the picture as i'd like to try a different technique... stay tuned.. 

This is a sliver of wood that hubby had leftover from a project that i thought looked just like a crescent moon ... Well you know i had to have a play.. I'm using very fine copper wire for the 'string' and my how it sparkles and really adds something to it.. the beads are glass and a few are rainbow hematite... I'll show close ups if i ever get  

This is a repair job going on.. These are outdoor flowers that the beads got smashed in our move from TX to CA and i never got around to fixing them in CA but i'am now.. Three total.. One more to go.. I might get to see them in place this year!! Woot Woot! 

And last but not least .. for my fellow T partiers... There's been alot of this lately.... I'am not a natural born water drinker... i have to make the effort.. but i know i always feel better when i do... so my water drinking waxes and wanes... A belated Happy bEARTHday to our host Ms. Elizabeth and a belated Happy Earth Day and may you live in the spirit of Earth Day all the year long . :)  I'm so glad for all those who stop to visit and chat and i'll be visiting you right back! Hugs! deb


froebelsternchen said...

Your hubby's birdhouse design is AMAZING- a very good boy! You are a lucky girl to have such a partner !
Your snake project is unique with your selfmade molds - looking forward to the stampunk snake! Wow - you did a lot of gluing on the tree! The woodburned deer look fantastic- I stay tuned!
You have so much projects on the!
Happy Earth- and Happy T-Day dear Deb!
Hugs, Susi

Linda Kunsman said...

Kudos to hubby for that brilliant birdhouse!! The snake sure is something different. I used to work with paper clay often and also liked that it didn't have to be baked and that it was light, and easy to work with.
You are busy,busy,busy that's for sure! Happy T day!

kathyinozarks said...

Lots of very fun projects here-Your husband's birdhouse are just awesome. Your wood burning is very awesome too. I enjoyed seeing all of your craft projects.
Happy T day

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I think that birdhouse is awesome. Really lovely colors and a nice unique design. I also love that everything about it is recycled. So glad he had a chance to play, too.

Golly, that snake is amazing. The texture you got was out of this world. I've never had paper clay, but I think it was probably the best idea for this project, since baking the snake would have been difficult.

So glad your next project with the seed pods is nearly complete, and I look forward to seeing the completed hat rack and outdoor flowers you will finally have repaired.

You never seem to stop, so I am very impressed. I wish I had more time to create art and spend less time on the computer, but life isn't built that way right now. I so admire all you make each week. Thanks for sharing your various art projects AND your water with us for T this Tuesday.

Valerie-Jael said...

Lots of amazing art again this week, I especially love the bird house, what a beauty. love the snake, too, that was a great find. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Have a creative week, happy T day, hugs, Valerie

Meggymay said...

It is a really special bird house, well done your hubby, it looks awesome.
Your projects this week look fantastic. I am not fond of snakes but the texture you have added looks so realistic.
Happy T day wishes.
Yvonne xx

Barbara said...

Hi Deb, wow! I think you may be the most prolific blogger I follow. So many things going on, I have to choose my foremost thoughts to comment. My husband has also made birdhouses this year. We have beautiful bluebirds checking them out. I don’t think we are too late as it’s been a cold spring in NJ. I have a stash of beads and love what you are doing with the copper wire and lumber scrap! Is it going to hang like a mobile? Your snake redo is ingenious! I’ve worked with paper clay, it is great stuff. The texture you achieved is perfect! To finish this in Steampunk style really got my attention. I’m *so* enamored with that style, and have gathered some bits for future use, but I haven’t had an inspiration yet. I WILL be watching that one, please show us when it’s done! Congratulations for always thinking of new ways to express your art, that’s a great lesson for all. Don’t stop imagining!

Let's Art Journal said...

So much amazing creativity today - I love it! The birdhouse is so beautiful and the design and colours look stunning - your hubby is so clever 😁. As for the snake, the texture you created is fabulous and I'm liking your idea of adding keys and cogs too. The flowers look so pretty with all the beads you've added and wow, your cone is nearly complete too with all those seed heads, you must have lots of patience 😉. Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊 x

Divers and Sundry said...

What a well-designed bird house! I'm sure somebody interesting will move in :)

You are right about the benefits of drinking water. I keep a glass close at hand and am glad I enjoy it. Happy T Tuesday

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

As a lover of all things bird, please tell your Hubs he did a fab job on this one. AND what a great way to recyle. I must admit that I wondered by ANYONE would buy a snake, art or not, but you DO have a create idea of how to dress him up. I liked the way the clay turned out.

I drink water, but not constantly. I like it cold from the tap in a glass. I HATE to drink from a bottle. I understand taking a bottle of water with you when you are on the go, but I CANNOT understand why people must drink water from a bottle when they are home. When my grandson brought his family to stay with us for a while, it really ticked me off that 5 year old Nic insisted on getting a bottle of water when he wanted a drink, then leave half of it sit in the bottle which I then emptied in the fish tank. My Bandwagon for Earth Day is Tap not Bottle.

Have a really great day.
xx, Carol

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

You and hubs have really been busy creating! His bird house is charming. It does have an Alpine look.

Is the snake a rain stick? We have a rain stick snake that looks very similar. The texture you created is awesome! Even in close-up. You were very clever to think of a flourescent bulb.

It looks like you're really making the most of your large craft room with so many projects going on at once. You must be in 7th heaven ;-)

Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

Dianne said...

so many projects going at once!! love your hubby's bird house, and your snake. will be interested to see how all of these progress...happy T day!

Kim Collister said...

Wow, I love the birdhouse and all the embellishments! Also,kudos to you for making an attempt to drink more water. I use to hate drinking water, then 5 years ago, after reading all the ways that cokes, the added chemicals, dyes and carbonated drinks destroy your health, I gave them all up and have been drinking water ever since. Now, I love it and have no desire to ever drink a coke again. Happy Earth and T Day and don't forget to recycle! :)

CraftyViolet said...

The creative spirit is alive and well for both of you! I love the birdhouse! Love how you transform stuff that would go into the landfills into art too.

Yes, you can make your own gear molds. Check out YouTube.


Kate said...

A beautiful birdhouse. I love the simple design and how you re-purposed items from your house remodel. Recycling is a wonderful thing. The original paint -job on the snake reminds me of sprinkle donuts for some reason. Haha. Your textured intervention makes him less yummy and a bit more scary and life like. You have so many crafty projects going on!
Happy Tea Day,

johanna said...

each week i´m surprised of the crafty and artistic Talent in one Family! your husband is a keeper:) i like the way the bird house turned out. hope it will be filled with Little birdies soon!
happy t-day!

CJ Kennedy said...

Love the birdhouse design and clever to have a way to be able to clean it. And you with all your craft projects. I feel like an absolute slug =^,.^-

Lisca Meijer said...

Oh I love that bird house! Well done that hubby of yours! I am sure the birds will love it too.
The snake has been transformed. What a good idea to use the light cover to get the texture. Very clever. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.
And the cone...what can I say. nearly done. Is it a Christmas decoration?
Hub's hatrack is beautiful and it is going to be even more beautiful with the leaves. Keep us posted.
You have so much projects on the go. The mind boggles. Where do you get the time I say.
Happy belated T-Day,