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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Strange days...........

.......... now you have to admit....thats one strange caterpillar! LOL!
Found this little guy hanging on a looong piece of web from one of our pine trees just as we were headed out for a walk... I've never seen one like it... you?  

These are strange days aren't they?  Hubby said he was glad that his mother and father had not lived to see days like this.. We would be so worried for them..  I personally think with more testing they are going to find that nearly everyone has been exposed to Covid.. Its just a feeling i have.... It spreads so easily and i think maybe it was here long before they knew it.. with so many asymptomatic  its possible.. 

Hubs and i wear our masks... It upsets me when i go to town and i see so many people not wearing a mask.. it seems like such a simple thing to do.. I really do not understand why people object.. Yes it sucks... yes its uncomfortable and yes i'm very tired of wearing it  but i do it anyway.. 

I didn't plan on writing about Covid tonight.. But thats whats on my mind... i think about the 4th coming up and how many people will have get togethers with family... and i wonder why?  Why would they be willing to risk their family? Maybe i'm being a little over sensitive to this stuff...  After all hubby is a heart patient with asthma... for him to catch it could be very bad news...  But these are all questions i want to ask the people i see not wearing a mask...  I know the mask thing is all very iffy... no one can agree if it helps or not...  but even if theres a chance it could help why wouldn't you wear one ?   If you do wear one... thank you........... Hugs! deb


Rian said...

Oh, Deb, I think exactly the same as you... if we don’t have the virus now (and are possibly asymptomatic), it may just be a matter of time (not if, but when). DH just had radiation for cancer and has diabetes- he can’t afford to get sick. And how difficult is it to wear a mask if there’s any possibility that it might help? And yes, the Fourth of July holiday is here... families and friends will gather - no matter the risk - even with the number of cases spiking! It doesn’t make sense to risk lives to celebrate a holiday.. We haven’t seen our kids or grandkids in months ... and yes, it’s hard- but necessary for everyone ‘s safety. Of course we wear our masks, stay home, and practice physical distancing. Our 75th birthdays are both this month... but we won’t get together with family (except by Skype) - because that’s the smart thing to do. We also don’t eat out or go for takeout. Until the numbers start going down considerably, this just seems the safe thing to do.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hadn't intended to stop by since you seem to avoid visiting my blog, but this was too important to let slide. Kansas's governor has just issued an order that all people (men, women, and children) MUST wear masks when in public. I also believe everyone should wear disposable gloves when in public, too. Science doesn't lie. Masks save lives. Masks keep you safer and they keep others safer. As both Covid positive cases and deaths spike here in the states, EVERYONE needs to wear a mask when off their own property or if they have people coming onto their property. This is time to stay home, stay safe, and keep social distancing. Happy July 4th. I'll certainly not be going anywhere because this virus scares the heck out of me.

Ellen D. said...

I agree with you also. The US is setting daily records for new COVID cases and why take a chance? Masks are easy to use when you need to be out among people. I mostly stay home and am lucky to have a son who shops for me. I don't know why people get so angry about wearing masks when we are all just trying to stay safe and care for each other.

Rita said...

Absolutely agree with you! Makes no sense not to wear a mask. We've been staying home and when we do go out we wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, distance, etc. People who believed they weren't vulnerable have found out they are just as likely to catch it and be very sick and sometimes die. Virus doesn't care. Just wants to spread.
Stay safe, you two! :)

DUTA said...

Good thinking , about wearing masks.
Corona or not, I intend to constantly wear a mask when I'm out. It's better than a vaccine. The vaccine for common cold, for instance, doesn't prevent the hundreds of victims every winter. Even some doctors refuse to have it.

Eileen Bergen said...

I wear a mask and appreciate others who do.

Masks don't work to protect against viruses unless you buy the very expensive medical kind with filters. Those are only good for four hours anyway.

Masks do help though because they remind us to keep our distance. They're also a deterrent to touching our faces. I also wear a mask to help others feel safe around me.

That caterpillar is about the strangest creature I've ever seen.

Happy Independence Day to you and A! Hugs, Eileen

CraftyViolet said...

I think COVID-19 is on everyone's mind Deb. Joe's only been out in a public store twice since March and he wore a mask both times. I'm the one that gets the groceries, etc. because he's in the high risk zone...and yes, I wear a mask too. I don't understand the problem. Stores have had signs that read, "No shirt, no shoes, no service" for years and people don't complain about having to put a shirt and shoes on so why complain about a mask. Makes no sense to me.
We are definitely flattening the curve here but everyone's worried about another wave coming if people start believing that it is over and stop taking precautions. We are staying home more than going out unless its for a walk where not too populated.
Stay home and stay safe!

kathyinozarks said...

this has become a hot topic-a month or so ago I realized my b/p was getting super high, and other little things-it came down to all this fear-was scared to go out of my house, scared to buy groceries scared to touch the mail finally had enough as listening to the media was making me ill.
we are both high risk-but I refuse to stay afraid any more. we don't go to restaurants, or where there are large crowds-I go food shopping very early in the morning when they first open-very little people so don't have to be as concerned with the 6 feet distance. masks are very pro and con-those that are ill should stay home, those that are high risk need to be extra careful but not fearful. those in the age group that could be carriers should most certainly wear masks and self distance-but they refuse to.
in the beginning masks were only for those that thought they could be ill-now too many liberal states are going over board with everything. for us common sense is the rule, Larry does not go into stores with allot of people, I bring a mask if the grocery store should be crowded-but will not be fearful any more or scorn those that don't comply