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Monday, September 21, 2020

All is Well.....


....  in my world... Hubby is home minus his gall bladder... He's a little slow and sore but doing good... We've been moving alot and often... if you remember he had trouble with blood clots after the last major surgery... so we want none of that this time... Gout has not reared its ugly head... So we keep moving... thats all you really can do isn't it? Keep moving forward... I want to thank all of you for your well wishes and prayers ... I'm sure they played a major part in keeping him safe.. 

On one of our walks we came across this little guy.. I apologize for the blurry pic.. i know it can mess with your eyes... I wish you could see how velvety soft he is... I'm not a huge fan of spiders but as far as spiders go i think he's quite beautiful... Maybe its the name CHOCOLATE tarantula... lol  

Fall has settled in here beautifully... windows open... some leaves starting to turn.. I think its time to pull out some warmer clothes... Gosh i love Fall .. I think i wait all year for Fall...  Some rain expected over night and tomorrow.. We could use it.. I think thats the one thing that may keep us from lovely Fall colors this year.. We've been kinda dry..  With the windows open i heard my coyotes the other night... at their usual time around midnight... yes ... they are MY coyotes   Their joyous yipping and yapping never fails to put a smile on my face... I have never lived in a place where i could hear that..  Take care of yourselves... find joy in the little things... Stay in touch!!! Hugs! deb


kathyinozarks said...

Good morning, fall is my favorite time of year too. Glad your husband is doing well. I don't mind spiders either-many are pretty cool and in the early fall morning the dew shows up their webs-love seeing those

Terra said...

I do love coyotes too, my beginning as a wildlife lover began in earnest when I was 11 and joined a group dedicated to saving coyotes from being poisoned, trapped, and killed, called Defenders of Furbearers. I must ask, did you pet that furry spider, ha ha.

Rita said...

I absolutely love fall, too!! Just lifts my heart up for some reason. I have never lived where I could hear coyotes, but I might love them, too. Loons have their own form of odd howling in the dusk and I love them. :)

Eileen Bergen said...

Wonderful news, Deb. I loved you muse about fall and how you find joy in the little things. You inspire me.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good news that the surgery went well. He will feel so much more healthy now. That's how I felt when I got rid of mine! We have coyote on the mountain. I heard them barking this morning at 6 when I took the dogs out. Still pitch dark at 6 now. I never really liked the fall. But here on our mountain the temps in the day is mid to high 80s with the nights in the 60s/50s. Very pleasant except for the air quality from the fires. We have a resident tarantula somewhere on our balcony. He has been seen in the evenings several times. Lots of wild life around here.
xx, Carol

CraftyViolet said...

So glad to hear hubby is home and still moving forward. I do believe I will keep him in my nightly prayers for awhile more though- lets not take any chances!
I DO NOT like spiders - yuck. Joe laughs at me because I grew up on a farm he figures nothing should bother me - nothing does, except spiders!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving kind comments. I appreciate it.
We love Halloween too and I enjoy making the cards and bookmarks for the family - oops, haven't made the bookmarks yet.