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Monday, January 28, 2019

Stopping by for a Visit....

This was the weather a little over a week ago.. Gosh it was gorgeous.... everything covered in about an inch or so of white... But the wind  was whipping so no beautifully romantic walks in the snow... it was bitter....  i thought the sunrise lighting up the icicles on the birdbath was beautiful.. I really should consider getting a heater for the birdbaths .. at least one of them.. 

Not much new to report here.. life's been busy as usual... squeezing in mudding the walls and a stolen moment in the craft room when i can.. The thought of having the walls done keeps me going... They do not go on to infinity.. they are finite.. so they WILL get done.. 

I just put some hamburger soup in the crock pot.. supper done... now its back to mudding.. I hope your having a beautiful day and thanks so much for stopping by to visit......... hugs! deb

Monday, December 17, 2018

When Worlds Collide ..... many of you know i haven't worked for 10 years!  But nothing stays the same... change is inevitable .  I may not do 'change' well but we all adapt.. Sometimes its difficult to believe 'in the moment' that you can adapt but you do.. If we are ever going to get the house remodel finished we needed more funds..  So you know hubby went back to work driving a bus for Primrose Retirement Community.. What you don't know is that i found a job too just a few minutes down the road.... 

 Hobb's State Park and Conservation Area.  I work at the front desk part time....  Its such a beautiful place .. i wanted to show you around. I want you to imagine the very realistic bird sounds that play in the back ground continually... very relaxing atmosphere.. I work with very friendly people.  Its such a different atmosphere than the 15 years i worked at Lowe's... At Lowe's customers usually were not in the best of moods... they had a problem to fix or they had to spend money... At the Visitor Center people are there to have a good time...  Unfortunately in the photo i cut off the mission statement of the park....... " To provide enriching educational and recreational experiences in harmony with resource stewardship."

So come.... look where i spend 4 days a week... We are all decked out for Christmas... Here is a peek at the Gift Shop... We have the most incredible stuffed animals and puzzles and the selection of books is top notch... Our buyer does a great job of buying local and USA made items.. You KNOW where i did my Christmas ...aaand if you look close on the wall there are some water bottles and coffee cups with the park logo on it for my Tparty requirement~~ :)  

I just LOVE this birdhouse Christmas tree.. It must be 12 ft tall! 

This is the children's area...  Mother Nature comes once a week and sits in the rocker and reads to the children and sings songs and does a craft... 

Another view... All the photos should enlarge if you click on them..

We always remind visitors to look up as they walk around as alot of displays are above eye level like this one above the door.. Most of the taxidermy was done by a local artist.. 

Above is the one in header... I think it had to be my favorite.. 

We've had a Winter Bird program going on lately.. 

Its been a big hit .... You can make these cute little wreaths made with a pipecleaner , popcorn and cranberries and hot glue on a bow or we have pinecones you can stuff with Marvel Meal a recipe from the Audubon Society ... tie a piece of twine to it and hang it on a tree outside..Pssst.... i don't know about the birds but the squirrels LOVE it! lol   
Marvel Meal
1 cup smooth peanut butter
1 cup vegetable shortening
1 cup white flour (NOT self rising)
3 cups yellow cornmeal (NOT self rising)
You can use it like suet or stuff a pinecone 
Store it in a closed container in the refrigerator until ready to use.. 

Probably my least favorite display with the deer hanging there... But Hobbs is a Wildlife Management Area.... They are the only State Park in the state to allow deer hunting 12 days a year.. 

Meet Roscoe Hobbs , the parks namesake ... What the plaque doesn't tell you is that he was a very conservation minded lumber man ... He did not believe in clear cutting or the use of herbicides ... When he died he wanted all the land to be sold as one and not sectioned off if possible.. I don't have room to put the whole story of Hobbs here but i hope you'll look it up if interested.. 

We get alot of school kids here. 

Lots of interpretive displays.. 

... And remember... look up!

That bat is so awesome!!

Well... now you know why i've been largely absent from the Tparty and really the computer ....  If anyone asked me what i want for Christmas it would be 'time' ... I need more time.. more hours in my day... Time to do the things i have to do and time to do the things i want to do... But if a person has to work... I was pretty darn lucky...

I know its a long post.. but i can't possibly leave without showing you our two residents... Meet the Speckled Kingsnake

...and the Three - toed Box Turtle ... They will be spending the Winter with us..  and no we don't name them.... ( i already asked that question lol )  They are wild animals not pets... 

Shhhh.. no one has to know i have my own names for them... Goodnight George.... Goodnight Gracie...   Thanks for stopping by everyone... It may take me a little bit but i'll do my best to visit everyone!!! I miss you!!! Hugs! deb

Monday, November 26, 2018

A Finished Project!!!

...........You know i've had to rearrange my crafting 'schedule'... lol  And now i take my coffee in the morning down in the craftroom instead of in front of the computer..... 

It has worked out SO well and the computer withdrawals have been minimal... I CAN craft.. drink coffee and wake up  

I even know where i want to hang this mobile.. I was worried for awhile but then i found the perfect place..  so stay tuned and i'll show it to you in situ.. I'd love to know if you like it. 

I apologize for the messy background... My craftroom kinda becomes the 'catchall' for all the house projects too.. 

That little bauble was found here at the house when we moved in. I'm glad i found a way to use it..  i hope everyone in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving.. We kept it small.. and Christmas will be even smaller.. Sending you all the best wishes.. Hugs! deb

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Frost Flowers

It is as beautiful as it is rare.  A frost flower is created on autumn or early winter mornings when ice in extremely thin layers is pushed out from the stems of plants or occasionally wood. This extrusion creates wonderful patterns which curl and fold into gorgeous frozen petioles giving this phenomenon both its name and its appearance.
Found on Pinterest   Kuriositas
Its not everyday at the ripe old age of 50+ or in hubby's case 60 that you come across something new..  You start to feel like everything is 'been there , done that' or anything else you may want to do or see is just too far out of reach or perhaps i'm having a pessimistic moment.... lol  BUT yesterday hubby and i had an experience.  

Driving to work early on a bitterly cold morning we started lamenting about the trash along the road... it looked like a bunch of shredded white plastic bags that went on for miles...  We said things like 'What a mess'... 'Thats gonna be a heck of a job to clean up' ... thinking it just came out of someones truck... I described the 'mess' to my boss at work and she laughed and said 'Noooo.. those are just frost flowers' and i said 'Noooo... it was trash!' and she said 'Noooo... ' well you get the idea... 

When hubby picked me up from work i told him and he said 'Noooo.....'  lol So we slowed down and looked closer.... 'Noooo... thats shredded plastic bags.....'  Finally we found a safe place to pull over and not until we walked over and touched them did we realized it was ice and not plastic..  Neither one of us had ever seen that.  They are amazing and now that i know they are not trash .. they are beautiful. 

"Frost flowers" are ribbons of frozen sap that form at the bases of certain plants during the first hard freezes in fall.
When do they appear?
Frost flowers occur only in late fall after the first few hard freezes and while the ground is still warm.
Their season is brief, and they disappear quickly on the day they occur, melting like frost when the air warms or rays of sunlight fall on the delicate structures.
How do they form?
While the plants’ stems are ruptured by the first hard freeze, the root system is still sending up plant sap from the warmer ground. The sap pushes through the broken stem and freezes on contact with the cold air. As more saps moves up, it forces the freezing stream of white ice crystals into ornate, folded ribbons that look like petals, puffs of cotton candy, or snarls of white thread.
Just amazing and now i'm curious... have you ever experienced this phenomenon ?  Hugs! deb

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

New Jammies.....

Haven't bought new jammies in an age but couldn't resist this one..  I hope your having a 'Coffee, Nap , Sparkle , Repeat kinda day!! 
                                                                       Hugs! deb