Monday, March 26, 2012

I Need an Intervention...........

................THIS is what a year and a half off of work has done to me...............not good people.....I have so completely lost my way..........For two years i found my rhythm........i was in the 'ZONE'. When i lost 80 pounds over 2 years it was almost.........almost easy.........but when i lost that frame of mind i lost it big time........You know i still remember what that frame of mind IS.....what my mind set needs to be...........but i cannot seem to get there............again.......I try and try and try and i'll do good for a week then the weekend rolls around and i lose it.........everyone else around seems to eat what ever they want and i just got so tired of being the odd man out. But now i'm tired of not fitting in my pants anymore...........i'm tired of being heavy again and not liking my reflection..........but where do i find that willpower again when i don't even know where it came from the first time?? I intend on using this move to CA as a game changer....a life changer......don't ask me exactly what that means but "If you always do what you've always done , you'll always get what you've always gotten" or something like that...........Somethings gotta give, something has got to change....Lets hope it waits for me in CA. We drive out of Texas this coming Friday!!!! Jinx always does his best to keep me amused............yes he is helping me make the bed in this picture. Those four little bumps are his four feet under the sheet while i'm trying to make the bed............i'll put a blanket on top of that and a comforter and he'll still be there all four feet in the air............he cracks me up! I'm still waiting for the MailArt to reach the recipients so i can't show that to you but this is a new sketch. Like my tree??? Its on the side of rock cliff i guess you call it and a castle will be built into the rock......well at least thats whats in my head we'll see what ends up on the paper........:) It may be a little while before i post again. Probably not until settled in CA. Wednesday we pick up the moving truck, load it Wed and Thurs then we drive out by noon Friday after clearing the we goooooooo!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Lucky, Lucky Blog Award!

Look what hubby and i found ourselves standing in on St Patty's Day! A huge patch of shamrocks! Ofcourse we are hoping all that luck transcribes to our move to California BUT....
I think i must have used up a little bit o luck when Eileen from The Artful Crafter presented me with The Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you so much Eileen! Its my first award over here at 'Learning to just breath'. Now for the rules! I get to pass on this award to 15 wonderful blogs that brighten my day and help me to 'just breathe'. Ofcourse Eileen is one of them but i don't think i can 'award' her back LOL! So here we go. Any one of these blogs is worth your time to take a peek and show some comment love.
Suzy's Sitcom- Suzy is incredible. Something different everyday. She even has a day where you can promote your blog. I've received a lot of blog traffic from her site. She's wonderfully artsy craftsy with great tutorials.
Debby Weighs In-Come meet Debby and her constant companions Mr. Monk, Noah,and ofcourse the Queen who might be upset i mentioned her last...Debby talks of weightloss maintenance, healthy eating, staying active , settling into retirement and her love of quilting.
Gravel and Rust-And the fabulously wise Roxie. She reminds me everyday in her own way that courage is not the absence of fear but facing your fears and conquering them. She reminds me to be present and live my life fully.
A Fanciful Twist- Vanessa is an amazing artist. She is just magickal. I cannot describe it any other way. You must visit her blog just to take a peek. She has two wonderful furry boys Matty and Miles who shower her with love. A Mr. Lovee who is her soul mate and best of all she has a gypsy wagon! And flowers and gardens galore! Lets not forget all the fairies and wee folk who live there....
Chronicles of a Country Girl-Kate. Shares the most amazing photos of birds that surround her bird feeders and we must not forget George the border collie nor her hubby. They live in a gorgeous manor house . Their seemingly perfect life has been marred with hubby's health issues but their love and strength fills your heart.
The Hermitage- Let me introduce you to Rima, a so very talented fold artist. Rima doesn't post very often but when she does its the mostly lovely artwork and stories. I hope you'll go roam around her blog and be inspired.
Beads and Birds-Carol talks about whatever pops in her head. lol . And i LOVE that about her blog. Her blog is like a box of chocolates , i never know what i'm gonna get on any given day. She talks of family , movie reviews and who would you be if you took a different path through life.
Dog Daisy Chains- Jackie is an incredible textile artist. If you pop over there you'll see what i mean. The colors and detail blow me away. I love the description of herself that she wrote in the 'About Me' section of her blog. She hasn't posted in a week but i think her little furry addition to her family Heddy is keeping her busy. :)
Bungalow Bling- Shell crafts the loveliest things. Party hats and just about anything you can think of, all done in pastel colors. And when she ends her post with a 'Great big bus on the cheek' I can't help but smile.
Kate's Corner- To me Kate lives an amazing life. One that i would love to emulate . She creates art...the most wonderful sketches and watercolors....often participates in group hikes, gives back to her community by helping seniors at the senior center with arts and crafts. Her blog is a joy to read.
Be yourself everyone else is taken-Beth is a photographer by trade and takes the most amazing photos. My favorite are her jumping photos where she has everyone jump. Her posts are always so heartwarming and thought provoking.
Finding Radiance-Lori...what can i say about Lori? She is just a little powerhouse. LOL! She is maintaining a 100+ pound weightloss. She is just amazing and inspiring and just full of energy . Her passion is bike riding and her enthusiasm just spill over to me. She is always experimenting with food and has lots of recipes. And lets not forget hubby John who is her riding partner (just a little green with envy here) and her furbaby Pixie.
Water Blossoms- Margaret....amazes me with just what doodles can do. She creates the most amazing art with doodles. You have to go visit to see what i mean. Scroll down a little to see her underwater cave artwork and if you explore her blog you'll see much more.Thank you Margaret. You inspire me to keep doodling!
Chickens In The Road-Have you ever wanted to live on a farm? Well Suzanne gives you a glimpse into one. She's lived on a farm for a long time but has just recently moved to a new one. There are so many characters there for you to meet from Glory Bee to The Crooked Little Hen....I love to hear about her little piece of heaven.
Whimsical Art and Travel Blog-And last but by no means least meet Lindy. Her artwork just makes me smile. Just like the title of her blog its so bright and whimsical you can't help it. She seems to have such and open and friendly face. Someone you'd love to meet. She has a couple video demonstrations too you can check out.
~~~~~~~I'll be coming around for a visit today to let each one of you know you won! Then its your turn. Create a post like this selecting your 15 favorite blogs and let them know. Don't forget to link back to 'Learning to just breathe' for selecting you. Finally just for fun tell us 7 random facts about you...Here's mine!
~~~~~~~~1. I want to be a forest ranger when i grow up.
2. I'am interested in Wicca
3. I want to visit all the National Parks before i die
4. I would be a tree hugger if given the opportunity
5. I've kept a journal for the last 25 years
6. I love to watch Little House on the Prairie reruns
7. I would love to find a way to sell my artwork
~~~~~~~~~~Are you laughing at me??? LOL! I can't wait to read 7 random facts about you! After all that work you get to grab the little Versatile Blogger award button. Congratulations! Have fun! i can't wait to visit your favorites!Hugs! deb

Monday, March 12, 2012

John Carter Movie Review.......................

I just had to pop in and give a movie review of John Carter. Click on 'John Carter' to see a movie trailer.....that is if my link works my first try did not......... We did not see this movie that came out Friday until yesterday (Sunday) or i would have given you this review sooner so you could watch it over the weekend.....ah well.........This is an excellent movie! Its in the same genre as Avatar. Not quite the same quality or maybe it is but it hasn't had all the hoopla surrounding it that Avatar did. I was so impressed by the originality of it. So many unique and wonderful creatures that were so well done. The actors i felt were passable at the very least. No big name actors involved as far as i could tell. But still well done.
~~~~~~~~~We did not see the 3D version as yours truly as you must know by now HATES 3D. I do not feel it lacked anything by not seeing it in 3D. Hubby has a weirdness 'line' that he does not like to cross. I step over that line all the time. LOL! And i've seen some awesome movies because of it. This did not step over the line for him. He enjoyed it immensely. I caught him smiling and laughing several times. So Go, See , Enjoy!
~~~~~~~~~~I'm trying to think of some movies i braved and enjoyed and he did not......."Lady in the Water" M. Night Shamalayn. when i asked him why he didn't like it he said it was just too weird....go figure....there are others i cannot think of right now then there are some he misses because they are not action/shoot em up movies. I feel he misses out on some wonderful movies that way but in truth they would probably put him to sleep. Some i have dragged him to that he ended up liking despite himself.........Dragonfly with Kevin Costner, What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams, Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, Pan's Labyrinth, The Thomas Crown Affair with Pearce Brosnan.......Brotherhood of the Wolf it was in french and your had to read the screen and he STILL liked it .......i knew he would....and many more......they are just not his normal gun blasting movies and it can be so difficult to get him to step outside the box.
~~~~~~~~~~And you know there are movies i never would have seen if not for him and i ended up loving them.........especially cartoon movies......i just seem to turn a blind eye to them. They are not worth my time. I don't like comedy. Most of the comedy of today i think when you walk out of the theatre or get up from watching the TV you've lost a few intelligence points , its just all so stupid. But hubby loves his cartoons. He really is a boy at heart and i love that about him too. So many times he'll be smiling at Saturday morning cartoons and i can't help but grin not at the cartoons but at my wonderful guy with the big goofy smile on his face. The years just seem to fall way in that moment. He dragged me to Shrek and i have enjoyed those movies immensely, UP, Tangled, WALL-E, so glad i did not miss out on them. end back to John Carter.....definitely worth a look see. Its a long movie but quite fast paced and did not feel that long. If nothing else it is worth a matinee just to see all these creatures come out of someone's imagination and on the screen.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Little Fuzzy...........

Sorry this picture is a little fuzzy........but i wanted to show you just a peek of the MailArt I've been working on...........I'm trying to finish it up so i can pack everything away. I think i will keep out a sketch book and pencils and eraser and maybe the colored pencils.........the rest will go in a box. Pretty soon it will be a whirlwind of packing around here. I KNEW one day i would be happy i didn't unpack much. :) Hubby has been running around like crazy getting all his paperwork done and has to have a physical and blood work scheduled. I guess because he is changing government entities they are treating him like a new hire. He is going from Airforce to VA. They say it could take as long as two weeks to schedule a physical. So that could be the only hold up.
~~~~~~~~~~~~Wow Livermore! EXPENSIVE to live there. No other way to say it. You may think his $32 an hour is a windfall of sorts but actually alot of it will just go toward cost of living. But you know getting rich is not what this is about............its about living closer to family......its about having a new place to explore...........hubby and i LOVE to explore............its about giving hubby a new work environment as his current one was giving him so much stress.....its about finding new fishing holes..........and who am i kidding Hawaii is only a $300 round trip plane ticket away. LOL!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hop in the car and take a drive along the coast.............I'm not sure if Livermore will be HOME..........Houses there and the surrounding area are pretty expensive or we may just use it as a stepping stone. After all our first vision was further north than Livermore. We wanted Sacramento and north. So we'll see. The Livermore countryside has me intrigued. I see lots of bike paths and vineyards..........rolling hills..........HILLS.....thats gonna be a new concept in my exercise plans. :) I see lots of places to go hiking.........a revitalized downtown area with lots of little shops to explore...........
~~~~~~~~~~ And oh my goodness JINX! Thats one expensive cat! We paid about $300 pet deposit to get him in the apartment we are in now............Livermore they want $750 and some even want $35 pet rent a month on top of that! Crazy!! This whole apartment living is for the birds! We've found two apartment complexes we are interested in.........Its like live in Livermore and pay higher rent or live in an outlying town and put the money in the gas tank..........anyway we will get it all figured out. Sorry i've been a little scarce on here. It may be like that until we get settled. After seeing all the terrible tornado damage in Kentucky etc.......maybe something was trying to tell us not to take that path.........hmmmm.......Hugs! deb

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Are You Sitting Down???

I cannot believe i finally get to type these words!!!!! He got the job!!!!! Guess where....come on guess............okay i'll tell you..............
LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA!!!! Yes after all that fiddling around with Kentucky and Oregon and Washington state.................we ended up in California anyway! A little further south in California than we wanted but beggars cannot be choosers.............I wanna sit down and tell you all about it so hang on and in the next day or two i'll get on here and tell you more..........If you know anything about Livermore feel free to share. :) Hugs! deb

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Won't you come Stumble with me?????

I think i've mentioned Stumbleupon to you before. Its free. And a great way to explore the internet. I've come across sites i know i never would have found on my own. When you set it up you select the type of sites your interested in exploring. Then just keep clicking the 'Stumble' button at the top and away you go. You know how i like to share. :) So here's a few links to some amazing sites . I found that cute elephant picture above while stumbling too. Everybody go AAaaawwww......Unfortunately i don't have the name of the person who took the picture. If anyone knows i'd be glad to add it. I'm not the best at setting up links so i hope these work for you. Hugs! deb
Gormetpapermache be sure to watch a few of the video you find here. Amazing!
Porcupine Video yes that is a pocupine!
Milk Trick who knew?!
Paper Art can you imagine the patience and steady hand this must take?
Can you name all 50 states in 4 minutes and other quizzes?